Henry Sins

T.I. ft. B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar, Kris Stephens “Memories Back Then” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | April 26, 2013

The song is a memory trip with a specific focus on three young women from each rapper’s past. The song’s saving grace is that, where it could have delved further into the cesspool that is mainstream rap, it pulls back and instead allows for lyrics with more poignancy and meaning

Grimes “Oblivion” Reviewed

By Henry Sins | April 23, 2013

As I write this review, an additional adjective comes to mind: infectious. When first listening to this song, I did not at all like it or Grimes’ style. However, after hearing it 4 or 5 times more, I was hooked and am now listening to this song almost every day.

Saturday, Monday ft. Julia Spada “The Ocean” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | March 21, 2013

Not only is it just a stunning video to watch, but it does such a fantastic job of depicting what “The Ocean” is about. Swedish producer Ludvig Parment is the man behind Saturday, Monday and, paired with the brilliant Julia Spada, he has only released two songs

Boy “Eyes Wide” EP, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | March 16, 2013

Even saying that I have a favorite song from Eyes Wide feels inaccurate considering the whole EP is really fantastic and doesn’t deserve to have favorites chosen from it. While I barely know anything about Boy, I still really love the music they left us with.

Trapdoor Social, “Away”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | February 22, 2013

In addition to being amazing performers and song writers, Trapdoor Social is heavily involved with green technology companies Farmscape and Agrisaurus, and in the development of an awareness campaign around solar and other renewable energy

DMIZE “White Girl Wasted (ft. Armen Paul)" Reviewed

By Henry Sins | February 21, 2013

Grab your beer funnels and titty tassels because here comes your spring break 2013 anthem. “White Girl Wasted” is a nonstop thrill of a party song and has already been spreading like wildfire through college campuses,

My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons – Number Five Single, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | February 12, 2013

While sounding like the quintessential MCR song, it lacks I think something remarkable to make it go from being a good song to being fan-fuckin-tastic. That isn’t to say “Surrender the Night” is bad, just uninteresting

The Mowgli’s: “San Francisco” Video and New Tour Dates Announced!

By Henry Sins | February 2, 2013

The melody of the song carries a dance with it and the video simply shows everyone dancing along as they should. In various situations, we see angry people who are touched in some way by The Mowgli’s and, in a burst of color and shapes, the once angry are made happy and full of love

Latest Warped Tour Band Announcements!

By Henry Sins | January 29, 2013

Alvarez Kings, Chiodos, Young London, We Came As Romans, Reel Big Fish, and Beebs And Her Money Makers. Personally I can’t wait to see the show Reel Big Fish will put on, and my excitement at seeing Beebs and Her Money Makers is as boundless as the sea.

The Mowgli's "Love's Not Dead – EP" Reviewed

By Henry Sins | January 21, 2013

While singing about love, this song has uplifting vocals and a campy musicality that sounds like Mumford & Sons meets Walk The Moon with a touch of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Latest Warped Tour Bands Announceme​nt!

By Henry Sins | January 20, 2013

My Warped Tour Tip for this post is something the tour’s Facebook page posted earlier today: “Buying earlier this year, you’ll pay less. Buying later, you’ll pay more”. If you haven’t already got a ticket, they’re available for all dates in all cities except Las Vegas

Warped Tour 2013 Bands

By Henry Sins | January 17, 2013

This latest announcement shows, I think, the great thing about Warped Tour: little known groups like For The Foxes play alongside well established bands like Goldfinger. It’s this aspect of the whole “discovering new music at Warped”

Ke$ha “C’mon” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | January 16, 2013

It is in this sheer explosion of song and dance that make me love the video, song, and artist even more. There is very little that is poetic about the song, obviously, but it needn’t be – considering the song itself is fantastic enough that I blast it any and every time I party.

Connecticut Bands Unite in Solidarity for Sandy Hook Elementary

By Henry Sins | January 12, 2013

At a time when every thought on the shooting has turned political, it is amazing that these bands and these PR companies can come together and say “we are here for you, and so are these hundreds of other music lovers”.

My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons – Number Four Single, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | January 11, 2013

Over the past 4 months My Chemical Romance has been steadily releasing a series of singles that, combined, make up what is essentially the band’s fifth studio album which they’ve titled Conventional Weapons.

VersaEmerg​e “Burn”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | January 9, 2013

VersaEmerge’s sound has always been to me a hauntingly grungy rock that is fantastic mood music. “Burn” however is a clear step away from their previous music, but it is a step in a great direction.

Best Album of 2012: fun.’s Some Nights

By Henry Sins | December 31, 2012

From teenagers’ Facebook statuses, to tweets, to the airwaves themselves, one couldn’t escape the hauntingly anthem-like lyrics of “We Are Young”

My Chemical Romance Conventional Weapons – "Number Three Single", Reviewed

By Henry Sins | December 29, 2012

its repetitive nature and the slow, almost boring musical presentation of it make the song as a whole just seem slow and uninteresting. The mournful orchestral introduction of the song sets the slow, sad tone of the song that is carried on by the strumming of an acoustic guitar

My Chemical Romance "Convention​al Weapons Number Two Single", Reviewed

By Henry Sins | December 23, 2012

Perhaps this is because the chorus is similar to the first song I heard by the band, “Helena”, in that it makes you want to stand up, throw your hands up, and shout the lyrics til you’re hoarse

Ke$ha Warrior Album, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | December 7, 2012

The first two singles off Warrior were “Die Young” and “C’mon”, released on September 25th and November 16thof 2012 respectively and, while both were big hits, they were essentially the same Ke$ha the world has always heard.

My Chemical Romance "Conventional Weapons – Number One Single", Reviewed

By Henry Sins | December 2, 2012

Of all the tortured-punk-teen bands to have lost their original edgy sound, I’m glad a band as great as My Chemical Romance has started to find their way back.Number One was released on October 30th of 2012 but here are the digital release dates for the rest of MCR’s Conventional Weapons.

Future Relative “Deep End”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | November 30, 2012

Behind the chorus’ lyrics of “I, am a lonely hunter” is a passionately strained voice that expresses the darker emotive forces of a grunged out song like a Nirvana hit and with every fluctuating, alien-like electro melody one feels transported to a different dimension of flashing lights, lava lamps, glow sticks, and the copious usage of bongs.

All Time Low Paradise Rock Club Wednesday November 21st 2012, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | November 24, 2012

After enduring a terribly annoying set by The Summer Set, and a less annoying set by Hit the Lights, I was ridiculously excited for All Time Low to come on and they did not disappoint. As lights suddenly lit the dark stage, All Time Low tore into “The Reckless and the Brave”

Rihanna “Diamonds” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | November 11, 2012

At one point there is a horse running through a desert and then it’s rearing back on its hind legs, then it’s laying on the ground, then it finds it’s horse soul mate I guess and they run off into the sun set

Issues “Boyfriend” Cover, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | November 4, 2012

changing the way the lyrics were sung in the original and making them sound so much more interesting. Clearly Issues has shown that even the shittiest of songs can be improved.

The Cinema “Picasso”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | November 2, 2012

This sort of musical project is one the likes of which I haven’t ever seen and it’s unique sound makes The Cinema all the more impressive to me. Thus, I shall eagerly await news from The Cinema

Stepdad “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | October 24, 2012

Because of the crazy, trippy, synthed-out sound of “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails”, I can’t imagine the music video for this song being anything less than crazy, trippy, and synthed-out.

Wiz Khalifa “It’s Nothin ft. 2 Chainz”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | October 19, 2012

I couldn’t even review the video for this song, released on October 14th, because it was just as boring as the song. What is the point of a music video that is comprised of the artist waving his arms around at the camera while rapping

The Royalty "I Want You" Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | October 5, 2012

trippy video effects, odd lights, and black and white clips of beach and dance parties popping up in the background, “I Want You” is an unyielding onslaught of musical expression. As video effects make the band look like they’re playing in an old movie, a super-imposed, tri-colored Nicole glides back and forth across the screen while playing the shy girl very well. If you just listen to the song by itself, you feel colors and static

Rihanna “Diamonds”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | September 30, 2012

Rihanna essentially sings in this low moaning voice for the entirety of the track and it left me pondering the definition of “singer”.

Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin “Don’t You Worry Child”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | September 20, 2012

This band, especially if they had this song up their sleeves, would have had every drugged out college kid at Bisco losing their shit. While it’s a real shame that Swedish House Mafia will be breaking up after their One Last Tour

Nicki Minaj ft. Beenie Man “Gun Shot” Reviewed

By Henry Sins | September 17, 2012

While “Gun Shot”, off of Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, isn’t really designed to get everyone going nuts on the dance floor, Nicki and Beenie Man’s sound in this song is something really fantastic. With a chill vibe and lyrics almost entirely in Patois, you don’t get caught up in the stupidity that Nicki Minaj songs tend to be

fun. Campus Consciousn​ess Tour

By Henry Sins | September 6, 2012

I would hope that all the schools on the tour are school’s that could really use the education about LGBTQ and that can take full advantage of everything the tour has to offer.

Sammy Adams “All Night Longer”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | September 4, 2012

I had never heard “All Night Longer” before last Friday night but now it’s constantly stuck in my head and I’ve got no qualms about it. My friends have even told me to stop singing “Tell the bartender make that motha fucka stroooonger” because I’m always singing the song’s fantastic hook.

The Brian Buckley Band “I Am Human” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | August 22, 2012

This kind of lyrically reflective performance is exactly the kind of thing that music videos are for. Well, that and to show the artist performing their song. In this case, the Brian Buckley Band achieved both. “I Am Human” is off the band’s latest album Hysterical Blindness

Keyshia Cole ft Lil Wayne “Enough of No Love”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | August 17, 2012

I can still nod my head to this song and pretend I’m a soulful black woman crooning to a rainy windowpane about how I’m sick of having no love, but chances are: this song isn’t winning any awards.

Karmin “Hello” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | August 9, 2012

I don’t know. And frankly I don’t really care. The song and video are both bland and annoying. When, or if, there are videos for the other songs on Hello, I won’t be expecting much better. If Karmin peaked with “Brokenhearted”, they’re going to need to do a lot better than the “Hello” video to get some popularity back.

Can We Talk About Labyrinth?

By Henry Sins | August 5, 2012

“You remind me of the babe”, and people were instantly liking the status and commenting with the next few lines of “ ‘What babe?’ ‘The babe with the power.’ ‘What power?’ ‘The power of voodoo’ ‘Who do?’ ‘You do’ ‘Do what?’ ‘Remind me of the babe!’”.

Big Boi, Camp Bisco 11, Friday July 13, 2012

By Henry Sins | July 21, 2012

He put energy behind every word which is not something you can say for many rappers. Even if when you couldn’t quite hear him because of the sheer volume of the music and crowd, Big Boi just kept up the energy and got louder so you could hear his sharp lyrics

The Disco Biscuits live at Camp Bisco, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | July 19, 2012

Standing with the crowd as the Disco Biscuits performed was a little bit like floating in an ocean of music. That sounds a little fluffy and cliché but it’s the best way I can think to describe it.

Camp Bisco: A Whole New World

By Henry Sins | July 17, 2012

When you’re in an enormous crowd, in the middle of the night, with bass vibrating in your bones and laser lights burning colors into your retinas, it’s hard not to feel like you’re having a life changing experience

P!nk “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | July 9, 2012

If there was a perfect way to get the buzz started about an upcoming album, I’d say releasing “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” was it. This breakup song has that familiar “fuck you, we’re done” feel for which Pink has becomeso famous

Breathe Carolina to Release Hell Is What You Make It: Reloaded

By Henry Sins | July 2, 2012

Layna Cloud and I got the chance to talk to lead singer David Schmitt and he seemed completely blown away by how successful “Blackout” and Hell Is What You Make It had become. Now,this incredible electro rock sensation is going to do it again with there-release of Hell Is What You Make It under the name Hell Is What You Make It:Reloaded.

Trey Songz “Heart Attack” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 27, 2012

With shots in the beginning and end of the video of Trey(shirtless) on a gurney with a defibrillator on his chest, one assumes that he’s been hurt and that this might explain why he knows what a heart attack feels like

Freezepop “Doppelganger” Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 23, 2012

Freezepop has continued their tradition of creating bland synth pop music but on their new EP, Doppelganger,they show that, once remixed by other artists, their songs can be more than mediocre. It kinda makes me feel bad for Freezepop but hey they’ve somehow become pretty popular with their electro fuzz when it isn’t remixed.

Slow Club “Beginners” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 21, 2012

The sadness is clear in every move the man makes and the passion of the song is shown in the way he mouths the lyrics like a man with a broken heart. At one point, while Rebecca sings “Oh, I’ve told you, oh, to be older.You know I’m right”, Dan hits a pole and then rests his forehead on hit and it’sa moment where I really felt the emotion of the song.

Gossip “Move in the Right Direction” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 19, 2012

Beth Ditto, who embodies her lyrics of “i have faced my fears, now i can move in the right direction”. She just glows with the joy of someone who’s moving on from past turmoil and is, well, headed in a new direction.

Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa “Till I Die”, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 16, 2012

Quite honestly, this is Big Sean’s song. Although Wiz Khalifa’s verse was better than Chris Brown’s, Big Sean’s rapping was the best I’ve heard in a long time.

Tropical Popsicle “The Tethers” Video and Song, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 14, 2012

The song itself seems a bit repetitive – almost like it’s the same chorus repeated over and over again – yet if you listen to both the lyrics and the intricate layering of each instrumental sound, it all starts to make sense musically

Afrobeta “Do You Party” Video, Reviewed

By Henry Sins | June 10, 2012

It is hilarious watching clips of Lamb Chop rearranged, slowed down, or sped up to have the puppet’s mouth move along to the words of the song and seeing Lamb Chop dancing around as both a puppet and a full body costume suit.