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The Brian Buckley Band “I Am Human” Video, Reviewed

Okay so I may have originally intended to review this video because I’m an immense fanboy but this band and this song thoroughly deserve a little press. You see, the video uses a slight plot line to emphasize the songs message (namely: “I am human and I will let you down”). The stars of this slight plot line happen to be Jared and Genevieve Padalecki, stars of the (tremendous) TV show Supernatural; hence my desire to watch and review the video. Both are fantastic actors and good friends with the Brian Buckley Band –in fact, Jared Padalecki was an executive producer for the band’s 2007 album For Her – so it’s really no wonder whythey were included in this music video.

The song “I Am Human” is a beautifully composed admission of human flaw. Frontman Brian Buckley switches from soft revelation to shouted epiphany with ease and he consistently provides the soul that this song needs to flourish. As Buckley’s singing changes, so does his performance and the performance of his band mates in the clips of them performing that are seen. The video for “I Am Human” consists of a transition very similar to that of the song’s sound. The video begins with a man who is down and depressed and seems to be softly agreeing to the lyrics “Don’t you take me too seriously…”

However, we then see a man who cleans himself up, grabs his poster board and some flowers, and heads to his love interest’s house –ready to own up to his mistakes. The almost warbly nature of the song is then reflected in this man as he starts to wear his nerves on his sleeves. To Brian Buckley’s cries of “I am human, I am human, I am human and I will let you down.”,the man shows his sign with the same lyrics to his love interest and his clear nervousness collapses into nervous relief.

This kind of lyrically reflective performance is exactly the kind of thing that music videos are for. Well, that and to show the artist performing their song. In this case, the Brian Buckley Band achieved both. “I Am Human” is off the band’s latest album Hysterical Blindness which is now available wherever you get your music from. With this kind of soulful rock and folky collision backed by an outstanding music video, make sure you join me in looking forward to the Brian Buckley Band’s new music in September.

The band has disabled the youtube embed, so click here

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