Neil Young

Will Butler On The Neil Young Versus Spotify Battle

By Alyson Camus | February 8, 2022

“Many would gladly follow Neil Young off the platform if they could afford it”

Neil Young, Spotify And Nonsense Conclusions

By Alyson Camus | February 1, 2022

Does Neil Young control his catalog?

Joni Mitchell And Neil Young Have Removed Their Music From Spotify: Who Is Next?

By Alyson Camus | January 29, 2022

is this the start of a big movement?

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through The Entire Year

By Iman Lababedi | December 30, 2021

Olivia and West share the top spot…

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through November 30th

By Iman Lababedi | December 7, 2021

sweet soul music

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through October 31st

By Iman Lababedi | November 2, 2021

only Young Thug added here

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through September 30th

By Iman Lababedi | September 30, 2021

call him by his name

Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases 10-1-21 – 10-7-21

By Iman Lababedi | September 27, 2021

if I can’t get the one I saw in 2014 I’ll take this

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through August 31st

By Iman Lababedi | September 1, 2021

mom and wife and Jesus

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through July 31st

By Iman Lababedi | August 6, 2021

the not yet released Kanye West latest

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through June 30th

By Iman Lababedi | July 13, 2021

Kidjo’s Afropop masterpiece

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through May 31st

By Iman Lababedi | June 7, 2021

mathcore has its masterpiece

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through April 30th

By Iman Lababedi | May 2, 2021

sweet strong ode to love (and God)

Best Of 2021: Albums In Order Of Preference Through March 31st

By Iman Lababedi | April 7, 2021

gonna be difficult to dislodge

Brief Encounters: New Albums 3-26-21 – 4-1-21 Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | April 1, 2021

a month before Harvest dropped

What I’m Listening To Right This Second: Neil Young Archives Vol. II (1972 – 1976) – Neil Young

By Iman Lababedi | March 6, 2021

time doesn’t fade away, it bottle ups and explodes…

Neil Young Feels Empathy For The Capitol Attackers

By Alyson Camus | January 14, 2021

‘We don’t need this hate’

The Gigantic List Published By Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time

By Alyson Camus | September 23, 2020

Was this list really worth the effort?

Trump Has Failed To Get The Approval Of Any Pop Or Rock Star For The Use Of Music

By Alyson Camus | September 5, 2020

Name an iconic song and you have an illegal use of a song

Save Our Stages: Our Independent Venues May Not Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

By Alyson Camus | May 5, 2020

urge Congress to help protect the industry

Willie Nelson’s Annual Festival Anti-Festival ‘Til Further Notice’ Online Reviewed

By Alyson Camus | March 20, 2020

The performances oscillated between charming and cozy, and dramatic and emotional

L.A. Burning, West Coast Concert Picks, September 9th To 15th

By Alyson Camus | September 7, 2019

Prophets of Rage have two dates this week

Oldies But Goldies: Amber Jean Young’s Art Exhibit At Subliminal Projects, Friday October 17th 2014

By Alyson Camus | January 3, 2019

This was the day when I ‘met’ Neil, Amber, Pegi

Shooting Concerts In 2018: Some Of My Best Photos

By Alyson Camus | December 24, 2018

Shooting concerts has become a passion

My Top Ten Musical Events Of 2018

By Alyson Camus | December 24, 2018

An exceptional, restless, badass performance of a man at the top of his form

Neil Young Solo On Sale Now: Shows this Sunday and Monday!

By admin | September 28, 2018

on sale now

Arroyo Seco Has Announced Its All-Rock-Star Line-Up

By Alyson Camus | March 3, 2018

the festival is obviously not targeting the same demographic than Coachella

Sneak Peaks: New Album Releases 9-8-17 – 9-14-17

By Iman Lababedi | September 3, 2017

great lost acoustic masterpiece

Giving Thanks For These Ageless Rockers, ALL Of Whom I Saw Live in 2016

By Alyson Camus | November 24, 2016

in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

Neil Young’s “More Barn” Story, Confirmed

By admin | June 25, 2016

“Yeah, I think it was a little house heavy.”

Be Here Early: Highlights Of This Weeks New Albums Reviewed 6-24-16 – 6-30-16

By Iman Lababedi | June 24, 2016

There aren’t the songs on your Neil Young playlist

Oldies But Goldies: Neil Young At Carnegie Hall, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | June 11, 2016

“A little voice in my head keeps saying ‘Be nice'”

Belly Cancels, Neil Young Doesn’t Care Anymore

By Alyson Camus | May 26, 2016

I just didn’t want to feel like I was a part of a celebration for somebody who has beliefs that majority of us don’t agree with. ‘

Neil Young’s Live Album

By admin | May 13, 2016

Something very different

Neil Young’s ‘Earth’ Listening Party At The Museum Of Natural History, Friday May 6th 2016

By Alyson Camus | May 7, 2016

One of our most precious living fossils

Desert Trip With An All-Star Lineup Is Happening, If You Can Afford It

By Alyson Camus | May 4, 2016

First, the major question, how much will this monster concert cost?

People Share Their Saddest Celebrity Encounters On Reddit

By Alyson Camus | February 24, 2016

‘who was your saddest celebrity encounter?’

My Brush With Famous People In Music

By Alyson Camus | October 7, 2015

I could not believe it, the man was standing in front of me with his ex-wife Pegi, Stephen Stills was even there, and, when he saw I was taking pictures, he even offered to pose for me with his daughter, what a treat!

Why Are Neil Young’s Albums On ITunes But Not Apple Play?

By Iman Lababedi | August 2, 2015

Neil Young took down his albums from streaming last week, and this is absolutely his right and I am not disagreeing with it. But what I will say is this: since Apple Play and Itunes, to the best of my knowledge, use the same audio files, how is his music still available on Itunes?

Neil Young To Remove His Music From All Streaming Services

By Alyson Camus | July 16, 2015

t’s not because of the money, although my share (like all the other artists) was dramatically reduced by bad deals made without my consent.
It’s about sound quality. I don’t need my music to be devalued by the worst quality in the history of broadcasting or any other form of distribution. I don’t feel right allowing this to be sold to my fans. It’s bad for my music.

Be Here Now: New Album Reviews, June 30th, 2015

By Iman Lababedi | June 30, 2015

The Monsanto Years – Neil Young And And Promise Of The Real – From “Harvest” to “Harvest Moon” to “Wolf Moon”, this isn’t the devolution we have been promised but rather a wildly eccentric rock and folk mash up, that works better than anything Young has done since Psychedelic Pill. Even the seven minute song that gives the album its title is a goodie, plus it is politically smart – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Trump Launches His Presidential Campaign Rockin’ Neil Young

By Alyson Camus | June 17, 2015

He announced his bid for the presidency with Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’. What. a. joke. Except it is not one! How could a climate-change-denier pro-war billionaire think a second he could be associated with Young, the most liberal hippie of all our rock stars, who has constantly written anti-war, anti-establishment, pro-earth and pro-peace songs?

Listen To Neil Young’s New Song Against Starbucks

By Alyson Camus | May 23, 2015

‘If you don’t like to rock Starbucks, a coffee shop/Well, you better change your station ’cause that ain’t all that we got/Yeah, I want a cup of coffee, but I don’t want a GMO/I like to start my day off without helping Monsanto/Monsanto/Let our farmers grow/What they want to grow’

Is Neil Young’s Pono Player Worth The Price?

By Alyson Camus | February 1, 2015

  This article on Yahoo by David Pogue basically says that the Pono Player recently launched by Neil Young is not really worth it. I have never tried it so I have basically no opinion about the player that was supposed to revolutionize the way you listen to music, but this in-depth analysis is rather…

Not With The Band: Is Aging Suddenly Cool?

By Alyson Camus | January 13, 2015

I was so surprised to see that 71-year-old Joni Mitchell becoming the new face for Yves Saint Laurent. The 70’s folk legend was photographed by Hedi Slimane for the designer’s ongoing music project, which has previously featured Ariel Pink, Courtney Love, Kim Gordon and Marilyn Manson

Not With The Band: Which Band Of Today Will Be Relevant In 10 Or 20 Years?

By Alyson Camus | January 5, 2015

Today, there is certainly a lot of mediocrity, any American Idol, X Factor product is an example for me! But at the same time, there is a lot of excellent music, it is just harder to find it because of the enormous amount of bands formed every year and songs released each day!

rock nyc’s Best Of 2014

By Iman Lababedi | January 2, 2015

2014 was the year of pop, the entire world, hip hop, rap, country, r&b, rock and roll was a no show, were the hand servants of pop music meets everything under the sun. Artistry will get you so far and no furthe, money talks in a consumer society and money wanted beats and bops. And got it. Not a good year, a little unexciting.

Neil Young Still Wants To Save The Earth… Is Anyone Listening?

By Alyson Camus | November 14, 2014

This is how I like Neil Young, mad at the entire human species, wearing an Earth shirt, and singing a protest song to save the planet… ‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up?

Is Daryl Hannah Preventing A CSNY Reunion?

By Alyson Camus | November 3, 2014

And I happen to know that he’s hanging out with somebody that’s a purely poisonous predator now. And that’s karma. He’s gonna get hurt. But I understand why it happened. I’m just sad about it. I’m always sad when I see love get tossed in the gutter.’

Amber Jean Young’s Art Exhibit At Subliminal Projects, Friday October 17th 2014

By Alyson Camus | October 20, 2014

‘Is that Neil Young?’ asked me a guy entering the studio at the same time ‘Yes! And it’s unbelievable!’ I answered. No it wasn’t unbelievable that Neil was there for his daughter’s first solo art show in Los Angeles, but it was unbelievable that I was there, among all these people. Amber was attending, of course, as was Pegi, her mother, and even Stephen Stills showed up