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By Mahalia Dark | March 18, 2014

‘Rihanna and Drake are just having fun at the moment. Neither of them are relationship people really. But Drake has made it clear that if things are going to get serious with them, he doesn’t want her speaking with Chris.’ That was the point young Conor Oberst was making on “Make War”, how new lovers try to wipe out old lovers.

Village Voice Pazz And Jop Veers Into Irrelevance

By Mahalia Dark | January 16, 2014

Could the Village Voice Pazz And Jop Poll get any more irrelevant? If I wasn’t hitting deadline I don’t think I’d mention it at all but since we’re all here, this kinda is obvious

A Christmas Special: Ten Reasons Not To Hate Coldplay

By Mahalia Dark | December 25, 2013

In the spirit of the season rock nyc has decided for one post only to bury the hatchet with the loathsome Coldplay… I mean lovely Coldplay and find ten positive things about the wretched ponces.

The Beatles For Sale Again!

By Mahalia Dark | December 14, 2013

Just in time for the 50 th year anniversary of the day the Beatles landed at JFK February 7 th, 1994 (50 years, wow, the mind boggles), a box set of all 13 US only releases, some of which are making it to CD for the first time, will be available January 21 ST

How Can An Artistic Form That Lives On Repetition Survive Without It

By Mahalia Dark | December 4, 2013

So if we can’t get from Industrial Beats to Britney Spears or from classical dark strings to Disney soundtracks, if thew time to get difficult music stops, how does music evolve? If we won’t give music time, what will happen to music?

English Folkie Roy Harper Arrested For Sex Offenses

By Mahalia Dark | November 16, 2013

it is 36 years since the alleged assault and the alleged assault took place over two years. I don’t know whether it is true or not but whether it is true or not, that is a breathtaking amount of time to wait between the assault and indictment.

Aerosmith "Rock For The Rising Sun" Reviewed

By Mahalia Dark | October 23, 2013

The band are good humored and friendly and a superfans comment that it is still the same members in the band as it was 40 years ago should be remembered and appreciated

Christopher Nolan And Kanye west Changed The Face Of Fun In 2008

By Mahalia Dark | October 9, 2013

But depression, sorrow, the infiniteness lightness of blueing, the pain of fame gam?. These are the colors of modern r&b and superheroes. Thanks, guys.

Kinks Reunion In 2014? Makes Sense

By Mahalia Dark | October 2, 2013

Given the state of affairs, a tour seems inevitable and I would guess it would be very very good. Talk about a catalog to fall back on, the mind boggles as to what they could provide we Kinks Kultists. My assumption is that Ray is too much of a pro to get into the deep album cuts, we’ll be lucky if we get “Harry Rag”

Another Side Of A Bob Dylan Box Set

By Mahalia Dark | September 30, 2013

A waste of money? Oh, I guess, it is the sort of thing you treat yourself though you know you have no real need for it. It just looks cool, like the mono album CDs in their original covers earlier this century!

Taylor Swift Was Going To Be A Novelist!

By Mahalia Dark | September 21, 2013

“You can convey a thought or a story or completely describe a character or a situation through words and the whole process of editing and re-editing and rethinking and imagining. I think that that’s what I loved about writing the novel”

Diddy On Losing A Cool Million: "It Ain't Nothing"

By Mahalia Dark | September 20, 2013

I don’t envy Diddy, I mean, who’d want t wake up in the morning and discover that they’d Diddy? On the one hand you’ve got half a billion bucks in the bank but to offset it, you’re Puff Daddy

Elton John: Miley Cyrus Fixing Like She's Going To Die

By Mahalia Dark | September 18, 2013

Elton is such a mother hen and such an aggressively self-satisfied born again sober guy that he can’t tell the difference. Just because he is straight doesn’t nobody is gonna take any drugs any more.

Dream Society: When Is A Tee-Shirt More Than A Tee-Shirt

By Mahalia Dark | September 13, 2013

On top of that, there is a Dream Society Foundation, which aids emerging artists all over the world:”Every season we develope humanitarium fundraisers will support, will provide support for every child that is within our initiatives”.

Bon Iver break Up

By Mahalia Dark | September 6, 2013

“I’m really honoured that Bon Iver gives me a platform to do whatever I want, but there’s only so much time you can spend digging through yourself before you become insular. I’m not in a hurry to go back to that temperature”

David Bowie Offered Big Bucks For Concert

By Mahalia Dark | September 4, 2013

Live Nation have tabled a multi-million dollar bid for the 66-year-old icon to play a huge concert at London’s Olympic Park next year (14). Now their rivals at Aeg are reportedly considering a similar offer for the British star to headline at London’s Hyde Park

"Let It Be" Bows Out

By Mahalia Dark | August 29, 2013

I received a $25 coupon and for $25 I was gonna try it but when I went to use it, they would only sell me $80 for the last row and I passed. Now that greed has killed it off

Lady Gaga Is A Mess (For Dummies)

By Mahalia Dark | August 28, 2013

When you work so hard getting from A To B, you’d hope it would be over but it had only just begins. At the level Gaga has been playing at, getting there isn’t close to being the trick.

"Get Lucky" Passes 100 Million Streams On Spotify

By Mahalia Dark | August 24, 2013

The next largest streamer on Random Access Memories was streamed 15 Million times aka $90,000. So now what? How high can the highest get to?

The Last Picture Show, American Graffiti And Grease: Satire And Parody

By Mahalia Dark | August 23, 2013

Between the three, Americana goes from going nowhere, to going round and round, to going somewhere, while the music changes itself to a disco deadend.

The Complete Impossibility Of Getting A Handle On Modern Music

By Mahalia Dark | August 22, 2013

Music is completely out of control, it is an unknowable behemoth of sound bearing down on you. If you embrace it, it will smother you to death, if you ignore it you’ll miss some of the greatest music of all time

Separated At birth: "Girls Gone Wild" And "Applause?

By Mahalia Dark | August 21, 2013

True it isn’t as blatant a rip as “Express Yourself” and I myself didn’t notice it until it was shown to me, still the two are too close for comfort, particular the hook ‘the hyah hyah hyahs” are a signal post for the “applause applause

A&R Is Dead, Licensing Is Alive And Well

By Mahalia Dark | August 18, 2013

Remember when John Hammond was discovering Bob Dylan and Ahmet Ertegun was finding Aretha Franklin and Led Zeppelin, and working out their albums and Clive Davis was making Janis Joplin the face of Columbia. Well, forget about it, man. It doesn’t happen any more

Kendrick Lamar Disses big Sean On Big Seans Own Track

By Mahalia Dark | August 16, 2013

Hell, “The Real Roxanne” is scarier than Kendrick

Golden Slumbers: Deaths In the Musical 8-14-13

By Mahalia Dark | August 14, 2013

He produced Cash’s “Rings of Fire” as well as writing hits for as hits for hits for everybody from Elvis Presley to Cliff Richards

Billboards Top 100 Best Selling Songs 100 – 91

By Mahalia Dark | August 11, 2013

Always willing to exploit the opportunity fof an easy post on our incredible story eating website (20,000 and counting), we are gonna take 10 articles to tell you our opinion of them… in reverse order of course

Beyonce Goes For A Spin

By Mahalia Dark | August 9, 2013

If she got recognized with nobody around to protect her, Beyonce would be ripped apart. From love, jealous, who knows, right?

Muppets Most Wanted Coming Next Spring -With Diddy And, Maroon 5 covers

By Mahalia Dark | August 9, 2013

What we can’t say is how long it has been in production because, hell, a parody of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”???

Drake 's "Hold On We're Going Home" Reviewed (Stream It Here)

By Mahalia Dark | August 9, 2013

Instead it has that certain post-808s Drake-y downbeat, it’s like mixing heroin with ludes

Cookie Monster Meets Icona Pop

By Mahalia Dark | August 8, 2013

Sesame Street, Cookie Monster, Cookies at all and Icona Pop, these are a few of my favorite things

50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now: Rolling Stone Lame Feature They'd Be Ashamed Of If They Had Any

By Mahalia Dark | August 6, 2013

50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now, Rolling Stones current best of, is completely ridiculous, a snap shot of heavy touring outfits plus their perennial favorites

Friends Follow "The Way"

By Mahalia Dark | July 30, 2013

It’s like a one way ticket to seriouslyness!

James Murphy Discusses Losing His Edge With Arcade Fire

By Mahalia Dark | July 26, 2013

all of that fades into oblivion with the terrible news that he was been producing Arcade Fire’s new album set to be released October 29th

Vampire Weekend Cover Robin Thicke: Pop And Indie Blurred (Lines) (Stream It Here)

By Mahalia Dark | July 22, 2013

Here is VW covering Robin covering Benny Hill -at least that’s my story…

Jaws – Pop Music Linked

By Mahalia Dark | July 16, 2013

I know how fast you need new product: it spits out information faster than you can feed it.

Lil Wayne's Fourteen Year Old Daughter Writes A Novel

By Mahalia Dark | July 10, 2013

While, admittedly, how far is a fourteen year old gonna go? Perhaps a little further than this.

Music Therapy Helps Pre-Mature Babies

By Mahalia Dark | July 6, 2013

This means that a love of music is part of our DNA, it goes beyond just being something we learn to something we are born with as simply an animal in a world of appearances.

Spotify Kill Off New Releases For Lame Musical Suggestions

By Mahalia Dark | June 23, 2013

It is really simple: LIST NEW RELEASES BY ARTIST. Imbeciles.

The Long Goodbye And The Moral Imperative

By Mahalia Dark | June 21, 2013

really it is like “The Code Of The Wooster” –a morality tale about never letting a friend down and then it becomes a different kind of morality tale

Pink Floyd On Spotify!

By Mahalia Dark | June 20, 2013

It is amazing how little material there actually is. A handful of alnbums, some extended and that’s it really.

Must See: Nine Inch Nails This October

By Mahalia Dark | June 19, 2013

It is not that that Trent Reznor is old fashioned, it is rather that his innovations have been so built into EDM and hip hop DNA that he sounds old fashioned

"Man Of Steel" Reviewed (More Or Less)

By Mahalia Dark | June 18, 2013

Character, stamina, humor, plot, believablity, everything is thrown away for the sole purpose of another action sequence

Kathleen Hanna's New Band "The Julie Ruin" Release Single, Album To Follow

By Mahalia Dark | June 12, 2013

“The Julie Ruin” named after her first solo album and a new album dropping September 3rd (James Murphy remixes one track so I guess dance is in their future and a new single “Oh Come On” (see below) which I for one really like.

"The Rides" Blues Supergroup With Steven Stills

By Mahalia Dark | June 11, 2013

“Rockin’ In The Free World” will be covered so I guess all is forgiven with Young, eh?

Blake Shelton Voices His Displeasure

By Mahalia Dark | June 7, 2013

So if I understand this correctly, Blake is threatening Guerra with implied violence because Joey didn’t like Holly? Who does Blake think he is? Lou Reed?

Legendary NJ Club Maxwell's Closing (And I'm Not Feeling So Great Myself)

By Mahalia Dark | June 6, 2013

“We were offered a renewal with rates that weren’t necessarily onerous. But after much thought, given the changing nature of Hoboken and the difficulties of trying to run a business in this town, we decided it was time.”

Hook Minus New Order or New Order Minus Hook: Which Is Worse?

By Mahalia Dark | June 5, 2013

Hook wrote em, he has as much right to play them as the rest of the band does. what else are they for? And it is not as if the rest of the band has done so much to place themselves in a bright light of innocence. After regrouping in 2011, all they’ve released in odds and sods, no NEW MATERIAL AT ALL.

Gatsby Versus Romeo? No Contest

By Mahalia Dark | June 5, 2013

Musically, it is a stand off, but what the music signifies? No contest. The version of “Young Hearts Run Free” with Mercutio singing is worth the entire Jay-Z soundtrack.

Taylor Swift Lookalike Attacked!

By Mahalia Dark | May 29, 2013

“Some girls at college had started making nasty comments, but it escalated really quickly. The girl came up behind me and dragged me off my chair by my pony tail, then started kicking me in the face.”

Cash Money Sign Paris Hilton To Record House Album With Afro jack

By Mahalia Dark | May 24, 2013

The sort of sidelong glance of a move that has kept the UMG subsidiary at the top of its game and Hot 97’s Summer Jam reeling after they lost their participation!