L. A. Burning: West Coast Concert Picks September 12th To 18th

By Alyson Camus | September 10, 2022

Brandi Carlile is headlining night 3 of BeachLife Ranch

L.A. Burning, West Coast Concert Picks, May 2nd To 8th 2022

By Alyson Camus | May 1, 2022

Amyl and The Sniffers are at the Teragram

Brief Encounters: New Albums 8-20-21 – 8-26-21 Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | August 26, 2021

left off blackgaze for a fuller and more beautiful sound

The Earliest Bird: Top New Recorded Releases 8-20-21 -8-26-2, Lorde’s “Solar Power” Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | August 20, 2021

Summer’s almost gone…

Primavera LA Is Announced For September 2022!

By Alyson Camus | June 30, 2021

Primavera LA would be a good successor to the FYF Fest

Lorde Dances On The Beach With ‘Solar Power’

By Alyson Camus | June 11, 2021

Is this a parody?

Songwriters Wrote An Open Letter Asking For More Fairness

By Alyson Camus | April 2, 2021

‘The most successful songwriters in the world can’t pay their rent’

Is Ivanka Listening To Music? Do We Even Care?

By Alyson Camus | November 11, 2020

she had a punk phase in the ‘90s

Lorde At Barclay Center, Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | April 5, 2018

stuck between who she is and who she was

Live Through This: rock nyc’s Concert Picks Week Of April 2nd, 2018

By Iman Lababedi | April 1, 2018

completely thrilled


By Alyson Camus | March 11, 2018

Moby is playing three shows at the Echo this week

Best Of 2017: Albums Through June

By Iman Lababedi | July 4, 2017

proto-hedonism and heartache

US Top 10 Albums Week Of 7-8-17

By Iman Lababedi | June 27, 2017

It’s the singles that matter in 2017

Lorde’s “Melodrama” reviewed

By Mary Rudzis | June 24, 2017

it’s soothing, it’s sisterly

Be Here Early: New Album Releases 6-16-17 – 6-22-17

By Iman Lababedi | June 17, 2017

proto-hedonism and heartache

Sneak Peaks: New Album Releases 6-16-17 – 6-22-7

By Iman Lababedi | June 12, 2017

kicks in hard

Governors Ball 2017 Recap

By Mary Rudzis | June 6, 2017

I’ll be riding that wave for a while

Governors Ball Day One At Randall’s Island, Friday, June 2nd, 2017 Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | June 3, 2017

The Live Nation touch is obvious

How Success Changes Songs Even If It Is The Exact Same Song

By Iman Lababedi | September 12, 2015

I only have to hear that Pitchfork and Consequence Of Sound like a song for me to doubt my own instincts. And absolutely, for me, popularity improves a sound. Lorde’s “Royal” is a perfect example where I dismissed it and dismissed it and though it took a live performance to turn me all the way around, its success was what had me wondering.

Lorde Splits With Manager: “Music Writing Isn’t Sports Writing”

By Iman Lababedi | May 21, 2015

“Music writing isn’t sports writing, you don’t need to report on the ramifications of a manager being dropped or speculate on the next album. You can’t critique art that hasn’t happened.”

My Year In Music 2015 According To Spotify

By Iman Lababedi | December 12, 2014

Spotify, in their infinite wisdom, compiled a year in music for me based upon the 149,043 minutes I spent on the music streaming service, or 248 hours, or ten days non stop. It didn’t particularly surprise, though it did make me wonder if they interpreted hip hop under the spot genre.

Be Here Now: First Review Of New Album Releases November 18th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | November 18, 2014

Lorde performs on, and curates this album, and her four songs here, a great all star parade at the top, an original that also gets a Kanye West remake in the middle, and a Bright Eyes cover at the end, lifts the dystopian YA soundtrack to places it never usually reaches. Chvches, Tove Lo, Grace Jones (!) are no slouches either – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A

A Butt Story Starring Diplo, Taylor Swift, Lorde and Katy Perry

By Alyson Camus | November 15, 2014

Seriously, why has pop culture focused so much on this part of the human anatomy lately? Is it the influence of some degenerated products of hip hop culture such as J-Lo, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus?

10 Songs: wednesday, November 12th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | November 12, 2014

Flicker (Kanye West Rework) – Lorde – They seek him here, they seek him there, well here he is adding a heavy boom like a cannon behind Lorde’s chemically murmured “Yellow Flicker Beat”. – B+

Giants And Royals Not Just About Baseball: Fighting Over Lorde

By Iman Lababedi | October 24, 2014

Tenuous musical connection, true but try this from the MBL: “On Friday, two stations in the Bay Area, KFOG and KOIT, removed the song from their playlists for the duration of the World Series.”

The A+ List:10-10-14

By Iman Lababedi | October 10, 2014

The Replacements greatest song because it is its most inclusive song,so much so that a 16 year old from New Zealand recorded it to great acclaim because it fit, because “if being afraid is a crime we hang side by side” is an aphorism, it is an aphorism that has the particular inside it

Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat" Reviewed, Lyrics And Streaming

By Iman Lababedi | September 29, 2014

“My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones, it keeps my veins hot, the fires find a home in me”. A tough minded song of revenge, “I’m locking up everyone that ever laid a finger on me.” Lorde’s first new song since the breakthrough should put naysayers to bed,

Lorde At United Palace Theatre, Monday, September 15th, 2014, Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | September 17, 2014

It is very sad and no wonder she deals with contempt for the writers and interviews, the David Lettermans of the world, she can’t reject her family so she rejects the entire community of entertainment leeches that do what she least wants.

Lorde Unmasked On 2012 First Band Album

By Iman Lababedi | August 9, 2014

S she is really all over the eleven song album she is mostly singing back up and only gets Lorde-y on “Piece Of Mind” which, considering she didn’t wrote it, has the sort of shaking bigness we associate with her nowawdays

Lorde's 'Royals' The Next Cattle Call?

By Alyson Camus | August 6, 2014

Okay, calm down, before calling Royals a good cow call, before concluding that Lorde would be number 1 in the cows’ top 40, we have to consider that may be (very probably) it is just the sound of the trombone that interests them. This guy should definitively repeat the experiment with another famous song and observe if he gets the same effect!

Lorde: I Hate Old People And Wish They Would Die (Or Something Like That)

By Iman Lababedi | July 29, 2014

I’m still old and she still doesn’t care what I think . Which isn’t exactly the truth either, I don’t want to get “it depends what “is” is” on you, but you put two qualifiers in her comments. The first is “most” –clearly, in order to listen to 17 year olds MOST, she must listen to older people less than that, which is not not at all

10 Songs: Monday, June 23rd, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | June 23, 2014

A&E – Clean Bandit – After the success of “Rather Be”, I figured this classical plus EDM band were gonna be great but the New Eyes was a disappointed except the more you listen the less it is and the violins on this song are so great the track grows into a monster – A

Conor Interviews Lorde Interviews Conor,… But Not With Us

By Alyson Camus | May 24, 2014

How did Lorde discover Conor exactly? Well, that was easy:’ I knew about Bright Eyes because everyone at my school was obsessed with Bright Eyes. But I didn’t really have a supergood understanding of who you were. Then my current boyfriend introduced me to you — he’s an O.G., hard-core fan, like he had a forum in 2005 for you guys.’

Dick Destiny Throws Lorde Under The Bus

By Dick Destiny | May 10, 2014

Stenography, that is to say, the passing on of favorable publicity and hagiography, is the major business practice of the mainstream media. Having the temerity of daring opinion in relationship to power, or money or whatever the majority feels is great consumer stuff, went badly out of fashion in the last few decades

Lorde And Iggy: Rock Writers Are Hypocrits

By Iman Lababedi | May 6, 2014

“The media will beg for free tickets to your show just so they can write about how much they hate it. I wish you could all see it. The whole things actually pretty funny.” Er, free tickets? Wow, that’s a little harsh? Writers are professionals, they go to shows to review them, it isn’t entertainment. Tickets are the tools of their trade.

US Top 10 Singles, May 3rd, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | April 24, 2014

That run from DJ Snake to the end is the best I’ve seen in months and months and months, all of it is good and Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing” is one of his greatest moments ever. As pure and as perfect a pop song as you will ever hear plus? It isn’t connected at the hips with a dog as it is on the album

Best Concerts Through March 31st, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | April 2, 2014

The True Groove Allstars – The Cutting Room – March 11th, 2014 – Lead by Tomas Doncker and featuring astounding turns by Charlie Funk and James Chance, it put the band and label right at the center of the map.

That Was The Week Of March 10th, 2014, That Was

By Iman Lababedi | March 17, 2014

The week belonged to Tomas Doncker’s True Groove All Stars, their two hour concert at The Cutting Room Tuesday night set the standard for all! A perfect compendium of real soul music that never stopped moving. Meanwhile, Lorde act her age if not older, at a simple, unadorned straight ahead gig at the dreaded Roseland that did her nothing but favors.

10 Songs, Saturday, March 15th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | March 15, 2014

Crazy Little Thing called Love – Queen – I am no Queen fan, indeed, i always found them as disreputably shallow purveyors of glam, a somewhat shallow musical idiom at the best of times; but this straight forward little rocker stands out as the closet they ever got to a standard and it hasn’t aged a day – A+

Lorde At Roseland Ballroom, Wednesday, March 12th, 2014, Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | March 13, 2014

Biting down or being bored, the real life exemplifier of her generation considers “Royalty” a question of consumerism and sex a matter of biting lips. And at Roseland, in a fine 70 minute dash through the album plus an excellent cover of Son Lux’s “Easy”, she began to feel comfortable with the craziness

US Top 10 Singles 3-22-14

By Iman Lababedi | March 13, 2014

How many times can I express my loathing for “Let It Go”, the standard formusical numbers is so low really ever since “Wicked” made the point and kept to it, that anything that rises from key to key to a full scale scream can be considered a power ballad, we have been heading for this place where everybody has given up on song for spectacle. An abominable, apocalyptic piece of crap.

10 Songs, Sunday, March 9th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | March 9, 2014

Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four – It is to Bobby Fuller’s credit that Marshall Crenshaw’s cover doesn’t run the band out of town on a pole -indeed, as great as Crenshaw’s cover was, Fuller had all the highlights on this power pop early rock and roll triumph from the beginning – A+

US Top 10 Singles 3-8-14

By Iman Lababedi | February 27, 2014

John Legend performs the terrible drag of an “All Of Me” on the Grammy’s once and the next thing you know he has a top ten hits. Legend is Alicia Keys in male drag and he is just as boring a performer though not without a certain amount of charm, true. None of that charm is at work here. None of it.

US Top 10 Singles 3-1-14

By Iman Lababedi | February 24, 2014

It is one of the wonderful things about the record biz. Dan Smith was a bartender writing songs on his laptop two years ago, and one, based upon the infamous city, went onto his first album. Today his life is changed forever, he is a sensation, and whether I (or you) can stand the song is irrelevant, the man hit the jukebox jackbox. PS we don’t like the song at all.

US Top 10 Albums 3-1-14

By Iman Lababedi | February 24, 2014

Eric sold nearly 300K copies of his dog album, giving spoken word a bad reputation from sea to shiny sea. The thing is, when he is good he is not good enough and when he is bad he is the absolute pits. Come back “Jack Daniels” all is forgiven.

10 Songs: Saturday, February 15th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | February 15, 2014

I Got The Reason – Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band – A botched arrangement stops this from being one of his biggest triumphs; he knew what he had in the pounding Richard Manuel inspired piano and went too far. Still a masterpiece, of course – A

US Top 10 Albums 2-22-14

By Iman Lababedi | February 13, 2014

The charts, which, of course, have never been a beacon of good taste aren’t even an icon of success. I think we use it because, you know, otherwise we’d have no idea who’s is winning. Now we can only take a guess at best.

Must See: Lorde At Roseland In March, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | January 29, 2014

“I’ve been in some situations where people have treated me like a fascinating toy. You know, it’s just like an interesting kind of fun thing to have a play with. It’s very weird for me. I feel like a tiny baby. But it’s all relative: when you’re my age in particular, every year feels like a massive change. The difference between 15 and 17 is colossal for everyone.”

The First Hour Of The 2014 Grammys Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | January 27, 2014

LL Cool J was bad last year and worst this year. The “Mama Said Knock You Out” in Tux and smile sprouted poorly written platitudes about music bringing people together. Really, I mean, really?? It was skin crawlingly insincere bullshit of immense proportions, I wonder how all these overfed over glorified nitwit pop stars can listen to this crap without throwing up

Most Overrated 2013: Haim, Sky Ferreira And Lorde

By Iman Lababedi | December 28, 2013

Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires Of The City is overrated and I love the album. Katy Perry’s Prism is overrated and I don’t like the album but neither are quite as overrated as these three, VW is better, KP is worse, but these three most overrated albums of the year are off the charts…