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10 Songs, Sunday, March 9th, 2014

one chord wonders

one chord wonders

1. Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four – It is to Bobby Fuller’s credit that Marshall Crenshaw’s cover doesn’t run the band out of town on a pole -indeed, as great as Crenshaw’s cover was, Fuller had all the highlights on this power pop early rock and roll triumph from the beginning – A+

2. Austin – Blake Shelton – His first hit is sub Strait ballad time – C+

3. It Girl – Pharrell William – This is so good it gives Timberlake and Prince a run for their money, world class disco plus a lesson in the correct use of autotune – A

4. Bravado – Lorde – One of the better tracks off the album – B+

5. Fragile – Sting – Simon sang this Thursday night but it still sucks – C

6. Julie – The Bobby Fuller Four – Sounds like it was produced on a submarine but such a great song, who cares? – A

7. I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem – One of the great songs of the teens – A+

8. Shit Shot Counts – Drive By Truckers – Only one song counts on the newbie, but it really counts – A

9. Anytime At All Live At Fontana’s – Excellent cover of the Lennon classic, vocals could use a little nuance but the drumming is way up in the mix which makes a plesant change – A-

10. April’s Song – Real Estate – Maybe they keep to intrumental, this one is a doozy – B+

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