Michael Jackson

Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue – June 1983 (Volume 15, Number 1)

By Steve Crawford | February 9, 2023

The last place I’d look for influences is musi

“Janet,” A documentary About Janet Jackson, Will Air On January 28

By Alyson Camus | January 4, 2022

“This is my story told by me”

Michael Jackson’s Bahrain Lost Songs

By Alyson Camus | October 5, 2021

you will never hear them

Which Songs Could Define The ’90s? A Study Attempts To Answer The Question

By Alyson Camus | July 3, 2021

a chart of all the songs recognized by more than 90% of people

Quincy Jones Calls Elvis Presley ‘A Racist’

By Alyson Camus | June 3, 2021

‘I don’t want to play with him.’ He was a racist mother —’

The 1,001 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century – 290 to 281

By Steve Crawford | May 18, 2021

no artist has ever had a bigger investment in escapism

Cancel Culture: Is It Too Much To Ask For Consistency?

By Alyson Camus | December 15, 2020

This didn’t prevent hypocrite Pitchfork to book R Kelly at their 2013 festival

The 50 Best-Selling Artists Of All Time From 2017 To 2020

By Alyson Camus | November 23, 2020

the queen of these three past years

Music Fuels The Internet, Doesn’t It?

By Alyson Camus | August 18, 2020

musicians are some of the most-followed people on social media,

People’s Perception Of Art And Artists Is Evolving For The Worse

By Alyson Camus | July 7, 2020

It’s all about staying in a safe place, on a safe subject

BBC2’s ‘The Real Michael Jackson,’ The Unnecessary Documentary

By Alyson Camus | April 1, 2020

‘Leaving Neverland’ had already said it all

Music Deaths Of 2009

By Iman Lababedi | January 23, 2020

worst backstory ever

The 1,000 Greatest Songs of the 1980s – 230 to 221

By Steve Crawford | August 21, 2019

one of the strangest pieces of music he ever released

Ten Years After His Death, Michael Jackson Still Rallies Fans From All Over The World At Forest Lawn Cemetery

By Alyson Camus | June 26, 2019

‘He was someone who was so important for so many of us!’

The 1,000 Greatest Songs of the 1980s – 470 to 461

By Iman Lababedi | June 10, 2019

He’d sing his line, then he’d disappear into the darkness

My Conversation With Brandi Jackson, Michael Jackson’s Niece

By Alyson Camus | March 19, 2019

‘How does it ruin the timeline?’

Defending Neverland: Michael Jackson And The Slandering Of A Pop Icon

By Hala El-Djazairy | March 18, 2019

It’s just a big web of lies.

A Few More Details From James Safechuck’s Lawsuit Against Michael Jackson

By Alyson Camus | March 12, 2019

even more insidious than you could imagine

Film At eleven: Brandi Jackson, Michael’s Niece, Dated Wade Robson For Seven Years…

By Iman Lababedi | March 10, 2019

That is a huge omission

On The Importance Of Dan Reed’s ‘Leaving Neverland’

By Alyson Camus | March 8, 2019

The magical character of my childhood died a long time ago and ‘Leaving Neverland’ is the rightful nail on the coffin

Why Am I Seeing A Double Standard?

By Alyson Camus | March 3, 2019

the ‘believe the victims’ leitmotiv suddenly disappears

rock nyc’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration: The Day The Music Died: Michael Jackson Dead at age 50

By Iman Lababedi | February 6, 2019

this master of pop, this breaker of racial barriers, and this deeply disturbed and repulsive man.

My Big Fat Muslim Wedding: Saturday, August 18th, 2018

By Iman Lababedi | August 20, 2018

The bride wore cream, the bridesmaids wore pink

Memory Motel: A Rock And Roll Fantasy, Part Three Section Four: Ghosts Of New York

By Iman Lababedi | January 24, 2018

I feel as though I’ve been wandering these streets forever

Paris Jackson’s Series Of Believes

By Alyson Camus | January 26, 2017

‘It sounds like a total conspiracy theory’

Viral Selfie App Meitu Applied To Album Covers

By Alyson Camus | January 21, 2017

a Japanese-anime makeover

Dead Pop Stars Are The Richest: Michael Jackson’s estate made $1 billion this year

By Alyson Camus | September 30, 2016

Dead pop-rock stars are massive business

Watch Corey Feldman’s Bizarro Performance In The Today Show

By Alyson Camus | September 17, 2016

A sort of insane and forced Michael Jackson’s imitation

Michael Jackson’s Nephews Are Suing Radar Online

By Alyson Camus | July 29, 2016

‘The defamation/lies are just too much and it has to stop’

Michael Jackson’s Family Respond To Claims Of Child Porn And S&M

By admin | June 23, 2016

His good name dragged through the mud by tabloid trash

Oldies But Goldies: “This Is It”

By Iman Lababedi | June 14, 2016


Lisa Marie Presley Talks About Her Marriage with Michael Jackson

By admin | May 26, 2016

There was a very profound point in the marriage when he had to make a decision.

‘Michael and Me’, An Upcoming Book By The King Of Pop’s Alleged Girlfriend

By Alyson Camus | May 22, 2016

‘Michael is a real hot-blooded man who loves women’

Oldies But Goldies: More About Michael Jackson Just After His Death

By Iman Lababedi | April 29, 2016

I know you think I’m finished here with MJ but I’m not.

Oldies But Goldies: After Michael Jackson Died, I Wrote About Him A Lot

By Iman Lababedi | April 4, 2016

MJ’s primary responsibility was to live through this for his three children

Michael Jackson’s Estate Is Suing A Popcorn Company

By Alyson Camus | February 29, 2016

Shouldn’t you know you can’t call your website selling the popular puffy grains, ‘KingOfPop’ without a risk to get in trouble?

People Share Their Saddest Celebrity Encounters On Reddit

By Alyson Camus | February 24, 2016

‘who was your saddest celebrity encounter?’

Music On The Campaign Trail

By Alyson Camus | February 3, 2016

As for Bernie Sanders, does it even matter what kind of music he likes?

Producer L.A. Reid Reveals A Few Details About Michael Jackson

By Alyson Camus | February 3, 2016

‘After that, he put on a scene from Prince’s movie Under the Cherry Moon, the artsy black-and-white bomb he made after Purple Rain, and he laughed some more at Prince.’

Joseph Fiennes Cast As Michael Jackson? Really?

By Alyson Camus | January 30, 2016

It’s a very odd choice, simply because white actor Joseph Fiennes looks nothing like the King of Pop

A Documentary About The Recording Of Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” From Showtime

By Iman Lababedi | January 7, 2016

This was Michael Jackson first collaboration with Quincy Jones and the artistic zenith of both their careers. it is Justin Timberlake’s entire career by other means

“Thriller” Reaches The 30 Million Units Sold In The US Alone

By Iman Lababedi | December 17, 2015

Michael, like Presley, will sell records forever even in a world where most people don’t sell at all anymore.

Oldies But Goldies: Michael Jackson And What Constitutes A Good Life, 2009

By Iman Lababedi | December 5, 2015

Barely a month after his death, I wrote this think piece about what constitutes a good life… it still hurts a little

Download Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ For Free On Google Play

By Alyson Camus | November 21, 2015

Google Play made it available to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of its release, which seems very bizarre, why 33? Why not 30 or 40?

Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Dies At 70

By Alyson Camus | October 23, 2015

But there was more than Demerol in the Jackson-Klein relationship, there was a real person, medical assistant Debbie Rowe, whom Klein introduced to Jackson. She married Jackson in 1996 and carried two of his children Prince and Paris, whose biological origins are still a mystery today.

Are You Ready For A New TV Series About Michael Jackson’s Last Days?

By Alyson Camus | October 16, 2015

Warner Bros. Television Group has announced that author and producer Tavis Smiley will be in charge of the production of a new TV series that will adapt several Smiley’s books for the small screen, including the upcoming ‘Before You Judge Me: The Triumph And Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days.’

These Days: Friday, September 11th, 2015

By Iman Lababedi | September 11, 2015

went to see Michael Jackson with a girl named Christina at MSG the night before (with Whitney Houston! and Marlon Brando!) and we’d been out all night (Id taken the next day off work), we were at a bar in Queens when we saw it on the news, I took the last running train back to the city as my niece Louba was at work and I wanted to get her home safely… crossing 5th ave I watched WTC topple. Picked up Louba and no way out of the city we went on a pub crawl…

The Summer Of 2015 Is The Summer Of 1982 Repeated

By Iman Lababedi | May 14, 2015

When we look at this great moment in pop, I think we will see it as an equivalent to the summer of 1982: the pieces are on the chessboard but the moves haven’t been made yet. The moment in pop, when videos became central to pop and rock, hadn’t quite happened. In January 1983, Michael Jackson would drop “Beat It” and MTV and videos would become the story of music

Tony Succar And Friends “Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson” Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | April 17, 2015

Tony gives everything to the album, especially a playfulness and a depth of artistic integrity. On his website, Succar is quoted as saying “Even the horn lines, I would transcribe them from Quincy Jones’ productions and then apply them to the arrangement in a different way. The essence of every song was respected. I gave it my best to create this very thin line between what Michael did with his production and what I brought to the project.”

Oldies But Goldies: Michael Jacskon And What Constitutes The Good Life (From 2009)

By Iman Lababedi | April 8, 2015

I wrote a little while ago that MJ’s primary responsibility was to live through this for his three children. That was his moral imperative. But the music world, or popstars issues with fame and feeling good about themselves, are not our concerns, our only concerns are the musical manifestation of mortality.