First Day Back Playlist

By admin | August 23, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good early morning bedroom mosh?

Ten Terrific Tunes Under Two Minutes Long

By Steve Crawford | July 17, 2013

After Twitter, Facebook, paying your bills, mowing the sheep, completing your bug collection, and waxing your eyelids, do you really have time to spin “Whipping Post” or “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”? Deep down, you know you’ll never get to the second disc of the Can box set

Last Salute To The Blank Generation: My Top Seven Songs Of the '70s

By Steve Crawford | July 3, 2013

The tagline, “I belong to the blank generation,” became the battle cry for the CBGB’s punk rock crowd. The perfect angst anthem for self-designated outcasts.

An Old Birthday Mix CD Is Worth Another Listen

By Iman Lababedi | May 13, 2013

Listening to the mix today, it sounds like in-jokes and variants in the same place and and… “what I was seeing wasn’t what was happening at all but for awhile our paths did seem to climb.”

The Great Depression: More Relevant Than Ever (Pt 2)

By admin | March 21, 2013

“It’s getting very hard to stay” is how a lot of the people in the dust bowl felt. “Every child had a pretty good shot to get at least as far as their old man got, but something happened on the way to that place means that children used to have futures, and they used to have good opportunities for when they grew up

The Great Depression: More Relevant Than Ever (Pt. 1)

By admin | March 20, 2013

Our teacher played the class the tune “Dust Bowl Dance” by Mumford and Sons; she said to use that for inspiration and try to find songs that had some relevance. I banded together with my best friend and fellow music lover, Tristan, and we created the best playlist that teacher will ever see.

Albums That Measure Our Lifetimes

By Iman Lababedi | February 20, 2013

My dad had died the night before. That night, around 3 in the morning, I was listening to Tapestry by Carole King and ever since that this important in its own right album meant more to me than it ever might have.

Happy St. Morrissey Day

By Mahalia Dark | February 15, 2013

You can send it to the Zooey lookalike of your dreams with a note, maybe a heart being burnt to a cinder in a car wreck and not a word, not glance. You can walk by them in the school gym and smile to yourself safe in the knowledge that nothing is revealed…

Joyce Manor: Something I Will Never Grow Tired Of

By admin | January 31, 2013

It’s just the band is so tight that it feels ridiculously close-knit and well rehearsed. That in an of itself is beautiful; listen to any of their songs, and you’ll hear how many little intricacies there are that put JM above and beyond hundreds of other bands.

It (Was) The End Of The World As We Know It

By admin | December 22, 2012

Cliche, but necessary. Of course no one knows the words to the whole thing, ’cause it’s pretty much impossible, but the chorus is sure to induce a sing-along. Definitely the best apocalyptic song ever written

Essential Songs of 1983

By Steve Crawford | December 21, 2012

Prince Rogers Nelson also became a pop sensation with his double album 1999 and that little ol’ band from Texas conquered the MTV generation and had their greatest success after a decade plus of recording. Ray Davies and The Kinks had the most heartwarming comeback of the year

US Top 10 Albums, December 29, 2012

By Helen Bach | December 21, 2012

Wow! The charts this week are as stale as a fruitcake but then again so is popular opinion. Did you happen to catch Michael Buble when he was on Saturday Night Live doing Christmas Duets? Could well be one of the most hilarious bits of all last season. Buble is the new Harry Connick Jr- pure Christmas material, plain and simple.

rock nyc Top Ten Week Of December 10th, 2012

By Miriam El Djazairy | December 16, 2012

What the world needs now is a playlist with happy reindeer, candy and diamonds. Oh and of course a little bit of fun. Heres what’s worth listening too when you need a energy boost.

Johnny Cash "The Posthumous Tapes"

By Steve Crawford | December 15, 2012

Imagine that you could record one more record with Johnny’s later period weathered vocals with Rick Rubin, taking a break from imagining what chicken fried steak tastes like, twiddling the knobs. Here are the tunes that Rock NYC would break out for the occasion.

Memorial Songs, A Playlist of Memorable Things

By admin | November 24, 2012

The tune incorporates the lines “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” and “You make me happy, oh when skies are grey”. That’s a song that my grandmother used to sing to me all the time, and hearing it has always stayed resonant.

Happy Halloween! 10 Songs To Scare You

By Helen Bach | October 31, 2012

in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the Northeast surely cant be begging for Twizzlers. Kids get jipped anyway since parents are so paranoid that their neighbors are going to toss Anthrax in the Pixi Stix- idiots

Halloween Party Playlist

By admin | October 22, 2012

I’m having friends who love photography, art, sports, etc. over and my eclectic and fun mix of tunes is a representation of that. In order to make sure that everyone can enjoy the music and have a good time

Mary Magpie's "Ten Best Songs Of All Time"

By admin | October 9, 2012

This is the greatest anthem ever. Whenever I hear it I just want to yell out the words. It’s the best teen angst song of all time- it has glimpses of punk, but is much more progressive indie. Its’ wicked catchy and just makes me want to dance.

The World According To Hel: Top Ten Smiths Songs

By Helen Bach | October 9, 2012

“I would go out tonight but I havent got a stitch to wear”, this line is uttered by me at least once a week for over 30 years now. This pop tart skip along beat is so contagious that I can do this on constant repeat for eternity.

Falling Into Trouble, Ronnie Radke Busted

By admin | August 10, 2012

Attention fans: don’t believe everything you read on the internet!!! Jesus!!! Hahahaha”. “It’s funny how people are my fans after hearing about my prison sentence I served for fighting in the desert but read some random story online then completely flip the script on me and hate me

Whole Lot of Hating Goin' On

By Helen Bach | July 9, 2012

Music is a great outlet for anger and at this moment I am so furious that I would like to duct tape myself to a chair to prevent bloodshed. We have covered music and emotion numerous times hell we have covered allot of things numerous times.

Here's To Summer!

By admin | June 18, 2012

Since I’m officially on holiday for summer, that means a lot of road tripping about and parties to attend. Here are the top ten songs for any fun event this summer:

Last Night, They Were Young: Congratulations Class of 2012

By Helen Bach | May 13, 2012

Last night our writers boarded a cruise ship for the Senior Prom. Well, Layna and Henrys Senior Prom, Mary just happens to be dating a senior so what a wonderful opportunity to get all three together in their finest threads.

Nostalgic Tunes, Lookin' Backwards

By admin | May 3, 2012

Bad Religion is always a good band to listen to when you’re in a punky mood, and this song is perfect for it. It’s a big middle finger to society and being judged, which is the epitome of teenage angst.

A World War One Playlist: Downhearted Yet?

By Iman Lababedi | March 17, 2012

The dead and deadly wounded were being shipped home and the army were coming to a town near you and just plucking out the men of the town and shipping them off. Those not gullible enough to believe the recruitment concerts.

H.F.T. 01/01/12

By Helen Bach | January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Fools. Yup, its that time again, all those lame resolutions you’ll never carry out a fridge full of healthy shit you’ll toss in a week and a week of torture trying to prove it wrong.

The Disney Playlist

By admin | December 20, 2011

It seems the princess and the prince always live happily ever after, little animals save the day, and evil gets exactly what it deserves. Who wouldn’t love a world like that?

Christopher Hitchens’ Death Inspires A Playlist

By Alyson Camus | December 19, 2011

I saw him at the Central Library of Los Angeles and I had been fascinated since. He was a rock star of the debate and public forum, he had an undeniable charisma, and simply could not be defeated.

Do You Believe In Magic? A Wizards Playlist

By admin | December 18, 2011

I’ll be in the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter theme park pretty soon, which is very exciting because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. To get in the spirit, here are some magic-inspired songs.

Ten Albums Worth Every Penny

By admin | December 14, 2011

Even if you are guilty of stealing a song or two (or a hundred), here are 10 albums that are worth the investment.

Top 10 Coolest Christmas Songs of All Time

By Helen Bach | December 13, 2011

Since being cool take more than temperature determinations I offer you the top 10 Christmas songs of all time (in no particular order of course… jumble them up

MFT 11-18-11

By Iman Lababedi | November 18, 2011

My Love Is Your Love – Whitney Houston – I ‘ve seen Whitney precisely once and she kinda sucked, but I have a friend who saw her at Radio City in her prime and she never stops rubbing my nose in it. This is the birth of hip hop production values in r&b -without this, no Beyonce

Dancing With The Dead: A Halloween Playlist

By admin | October 26, 2011

a hint of fright or autumnal warmth.

Kitten playlist

By admin | October 17, 2011

please check out your local shelter!

Steve Jobs: Making Advertising A Bit More Hip

By Alyson Camus | October 7, 2011

Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there

Alesana appreciati​on post

By admin | October 7, 2011

these five are truly their best

HFT 9/24/11

By Helen Bach | September 24, 2011

I mean really, why ruin a day?

HFT 9.7.11

By Helen Bach | September 7, 2011

it took the King to save me

HFT 9.6.11

By Helen Bach | September 6, 2011

is it Friday yet?

The Mountain Shuffle

By Helen Bach | September 5, 2011

get me out of here…

H F T 9.4.11

By Helen Bach | September 4, 2011

stretch it out a bit

Wake up the right way

By admin | August 31, 2011

refreshing and mellow

Calm before the storm: Hurricane Irene Playlist

By admin | August 26, 2011

Board up your windows and turn on the music.

MFT 8-24-11

By Iman Lababedi | August 24, 2011

Haunting melody helps

HFT 8/23/11

By Helen Bach | August 23, 2011

hep hep….

HFT 8/22/11

By Helen Bach | August 22, 2011

cuz when the mouse is away the cats will play.

Coffee Shop Soundtrack

By admin | August 18, 2011

Frappuccino, anyone?

New favourite songs playlist- punk goes crunk?

By admin | August 12, 2011


Everybody Just Be Nice

By admin | August 10, 2011

Golden Rule, anyone remember that?

Here We Go!: All Time Low Playlist

By admin | July 30, 2011

back to when I was the only kid in my class that knew who they were