How Many Fake Twitter Followers Do Famous Musicians Have?

By Alyson Camus | February 12, 2015

Taylor Swift (I couldn’t resist) 33%, whereas Beck (couldn’t resist either) obtains an excellent audit score of 95%. Other losers? 38% for Rihanna, 42% for Justin Bieber (only slightly better), 59% for Beyonce, 54% for John Legend, 45% for Lady Gaga, 41% for Nicki Minaj, 57% for Usher, and 35% for Katy Perry, whereas Paul McCartney obtains 77%, Madonna 81%, Annie Lennox 94 % and among the young generation, Lana Del Rey gets a good score of 82%, Sam Smith obtains 82%, St. Vincent 80% and Lorde 90%.

When Axl Rose Tweets About The Slaughtered Danish Giraffe

By Alyson Camus | March 4, 2014

Just enjoying the lion’s share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm!’… ‘What’ll them crazy Danes think of next! But seriously, let me get this straight. . . . The Danes killed a 2 yr old baby giraffe, chopped it up n’ fed him to the lions

Twitter and The Pop Star, Harry Styles' Strict Rules

By Helen Bach | February 28, 2014

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is much more spontaneous and you don’t have to be ‘friends’ with anyone to see what they’re saying. Hell all you need is the infamous ‘hashtag’ and you can pretty much bring up everything on any topic.