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Twitter and The Pop Star, Harry Styles' Strict Rules


Twits eh

Twitter will be the downfall of Western Civilization. There, I’ve said it.  There is far too much ease of movement to throw out 140 characters full of nonsense.  Everyone has a phone in their hand and everyone has a quick flip remark.  Now add a camera, booze, weed, traffic, emotions…. boom.. you’re done.

We’ve seen Amanda, Lindsey and Courtney pretty much screw themselves to a wall with this thing but there is another camp of ‘celeb’ who reaize how dangerous this is.  Enter, Harry of One Direction.  A kid who understands the ripple effect and has strong handlers to aid him in preventing PR nightmares.

“You just have to be aware and not share too much. Tweet as if your grandma is going to read it!” Harry advised British We Love Pop magazine.   Niall added: “That’s it. I once heard: ‘Don’t tweet anything that you wouldn’t stand on a chair and say to your mother.'”

But how can you maintain that self control?  Unlike Facebook, Twitter is much more spontaneous and you don’t have to be ‘friends’ with anyone to see what they’re saying.  Hell all you need is the infamous ‘hashtag’ and you can pretty much bring up everything on any topic.

So the photos the drunk words the Tweets that were meant to be texts to someone privately are all out there for us voyeurs to enjoy. Hell its simply too easy.

Get into a conversation with another Twitter user and things get even better.  No filter- no censor- pure anarchy in a bird like peep.

I, for one, find Twitter miles more interesting than the annoying Facebook with its family photos and recipes.  Twitter is bullet fast nonsense in a never ending stream.  It’s just wonderful to watch the madness unfurl.

The 1D kids have it right, caution on that keyboard  or you’ll end up transmitting your aged crotch to millions as Courtney Love and Tawny Kitaen did… and aint no one wanna see those used up things.

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