Miranda Lambert

L.A. Burning, West Coast Concert Picks, April 24th To 30th

By Alyson Camus | April 24, 2023

This is Iggy Pop’s week with two more shows

Willie Nelson Is Throwing The Best Birthday Party Ever

By Alyson Camus | January 26, 2023

“I can’t think of a better way to spend my 90th birthday”

The 63rd Grammy Awards Ceremony Will Include Some Live Performances, On A Real Stage

By Alyson Camus | March 9, 2021

The ceremony will also pay tribute to independent music venues

The 2021 Grammys Nominations Are Here, And It’s A Huge Year For Women

By Alyson Camus | November 24, 2020

Fiona should have been nominated for Album of the Year

274 Celebrities Were Under Consideration For A Campaign To Boost Trump’s Popularity

By Alyson Camus | October 30, 2020

the effort was reported ‘chaotic,’ and very controversial


By Alyson Camus | November 3, 2018

Young Fathers are at the Fonda Theatre on Friday

Country Music History – Essential Releases of 2007

By Steve Crawford | July 7, 2017

a new era of unrepentant country bad girls

Be Here Early: Choice Album Releases 11-18-16 – 11-24-16

By Iman Lababedi | November 18, 2016

Crazy Ex-Wife

10 Songs: Monday, May 4th, 2015

By Iman Lababedi | May 4, 2015

Two Of A Crime – Miranda Lambert – I kinda liked this without going bonkers over it, but the horns are wonderful and the ending is psychedelic, and Miranda’s country tinge just makes it bigger. Great song – A-

The American Country Music Awards Goes Pop

By Iman Lababedi | April 20, 2015

At the start of the year I’d have absolutely embraced my inner Miranda Lambert ( “Thank you so much for allowing me to live my dream. I love you so much, thank you”) and been happy she walk away with album, female vocalist and Milestone awards, but after a lousy live show, I am seriously less thrilled .

Miranda Lambert At Madison Square Garden, March 28th, 2015, Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | March 29, 2015

The band, four guitars including Miranda’s, were pretty good country-rockers, and Miranda in an “I Love NY” tee shirt looked the part, the 20 song set wasn’t entirely ungenerous though the 80 minute performance was awful skimpy for a major arena performance. She has more material, Miranda didn’t even pull out one of her best songs, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” -a hit that gave her a unique personality she managed to squander on stage.

Be Here Now: rock nyc Top Concert Picks Week Of March 23rd, 2015

By Iman Lababedi | March 22, 2015

Having seen her husband at MSG last year, I am even more excited to see the terrific crazy ex-girlfriend herself, the platinum country gal, and the personality to burn face of the modern side of country Miranda Lambert. Saturday night… it should be one of the concerts of the year.

Must See: Miranda Lambert At Madison Square Garden, March 2015

By Iman Lababedi | December 12, 2014

The setlist isn’t bad either, more than half from the past two albums and I am a big Platinum fan so I don’t mind that. Plus a ZZ Top and a Merle Haggard cover to take you home. I coulda done with a couple more from from Ex-Girlfriend but it’ll do if it has to.

10 Songs: Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | August 3, 2014

Nashville Cats – The Lovin’ Spoonful – Remember the birth of country rock, you know where nobody could believe The Byrds were for real or even Gram Parsons existed at all? On this wonderful ode to the guitarists in Nashville, John Sebastian gives the back story to the coming of age of white US rock performers in 1966… Pick it – A+

US Top 10 Albums 7-19-14

By Iman Lababedi | July 10, 2014

Three really good albums and boatloads of whatever with at least two serious dogs in the mix. Take it or leave it, I don’t care, I mean yeah Trey is # 1 but he only sold 105K so oh well whatever, right. I wonder how many of these albums will go, forget platinum, gold.

We Review Rolling Stone's Playlist

By James R. Nolan | July 8, 2014

Rolling Stone magazine has their latest Playlist in their newest issue, seven songs they’ve recommended to us jackjills for our perusal. Not as strong this time I’m afraid, and one song, Tweedy’s (a collaboration between Jeff Tweedy and his 18-year old son) “I’ll Sing It” isn’t on YouTube and the sound has been removed on other sources, so I can’t comment on it, but here be the other six :

Best Songs Through June 30th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | July 1, 2014

380 songs make up my best of 2014 so far, but if I hear a better song than “Leave Your Love” this year it wil be a miracle, a torchy swoony dream of adoration and disassembled love which makes much more sense when now Smith has come out as a homosexual.

US Top 10 Albums 6-27-14

By Iman Lababedi | June 19, 2014

As bad as Lazeretto is, the vinyl sounds awesome: it plays backwards and forwards, there is a holagram of an angel, alternative songs depending on where you put the needle down. The result? The vinyl alone sold an astonishing 40,000 copies and vinyl alone? White would have been at # 4 on the charts. Meanwhile, that country album? Painfully bad.

US Top 10 Albums, 6-21-14

By Iman Lababedi | June 12, 2014

Better Led Zep’s first three albums than all those damn Bro boys, right? And much better Miranda Lambert, who, should stop dressing like Bozo if Bozo was a honky tonk hooker, than any Bro including Eric Church. Between the four of em you’ve got a solid album charts for a change.

Miranda Lambert's "Platinum" Reviewed

By Iman Lababedi | June 8, 2014

What drags me is the slower serious one, I get that the world needs adults, but “Holding On To You” is a lugubrious mess and makes you wonder how far this heart on sleeve stuff is gonna take you when you’re content and the closer “Another Sunday In The South” drags her to the finishing line.

rock nyc Top 10 Songs Week Of June 2nd, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | June 7, 2014

The week seems to belong to Miranda but I haven’t had the time to give the Ninja’s the listen they deserve. The other biggie for me is The Shoe, a quality duo who actually improvise their songs, and who have maybe thrree strong songs ontheir new album.

10 Songs, Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | June 4, 2014

Just One Of The Guys – Jenny Lewis – This mid-tempo indie pop snoozer doesn’t offer much hope for a return to Jenny’s strengths on the new one? And what are her strengths in 2014? She is like Aimee Mann without the golden age. Produced by Beck, which proves you can fool all the people all the time – C+

Be Here Now: Snap Shot Reviews Of New Albums 6-3-14

By Iman Lababedi | June 3, 2014

Miranda’s best album since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn’t EVEN that much better than any of her others or her work with Pistol Annies or God knows her husband Blake’s “Good Ol’ Boys”. This is as good as country gets in 2014, the only dog the Carrie Underwood duet on this otherwise a sublime collection of songs – ALBUM OF THE WEEK –

Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases, June 3rd, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | June 1, 2014

I don’t dislike Fucked Up by any stretch of the lexicon, but I am not the fan everybody else is and I kinda wanted to go with Bob Mould but… I dunno, I don’t love Bob as much as I might either. What else? Ethan Johns is Laura Marling’s buddy so gets a shout out as such. New 50 cent? I wasn’t crazy about the single. Echo? Meh…

10 Songs, Saturday, May 24th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | May 24, 2014

Tulane – Chuck Berry – Debatably the greatest flying car song of them all, this story of a drug buy gone South is so good both Springsteen and Lennon woulda have killed to write it – A+

rock nyc Top 10 Songs Week Of February 10th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | February 14, 2014

The Eric Pasley took me by surprise but hey, it is better than reading nitwits compare Eric Church to Springsteen. Not that it matters, the week belongs to daley and the Civil Wars with a cool new miranda lambert cut the cherry on top.