James R. Nolan

We Review Rolling Stone's Playlist

By James R. Nolan | July 8, 2014

Rolling Stone magazine has their latest Playlist in their newest issue, seven songs they’ve recommended to us jackjills for our perusal. Not as strong this time I’m afraid, and one song, Tweedy’s (a collaboration between Jeff Tweedy and his 18-year old son) “I’ll Sing It” isn’t on YouTube and the sound has been removed on other sources, so I can’t comment on it, but here be the other six :

The Monkees' "Justus" Reviewed

By James R. Nolan | May 16, 2014

Opening with a remake of Mike’s “Circle Sky” (originally recorded for the film Head in 1968) which doesn’t touch the hem of the original, but has a certain garage band charm that puts its theme of “it looks like we made it once again” into the basket for a good first salvo.