Boy George

Creem – America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, Reviewed Issue By Issue – June 1984 (Volume 16, Number 1)

By Steve Crawford | March 4, 2023

We’re so uncool – we’re the fucking COOLEST

Eileen Shapiro: “Portfolio Of A Rockstar Journalist” Gets Culture Clubbed With Boy George

By Eileen Shapiro | June 29, 2022

maybe I’m talking to myself, maybe I’m talking to someone else …

Boy George: ‘I’ve Slept With Prince’

By Alyson Camus | October 30, 2015

When the subject of Prince came up, Paloma said she had performed with the Purple one to what Boy George replied: ‘Forget that, darling, I’ve slept with Prince.’
The crowd expectedly went totally wild and the crew even paused filming for a few minutes…

rock nyc Top 10 Songs w-o 4-27-14

By Iman Lababedi | May 3, 2014

I’ll say two things about NEEDTOBREATH, I keep forgetting they are born again Christians and I am still listening to their album with various degrees of pleasure. I’ll see this about Iggy -I underestimated the album earlier this week. I’ll say this about SZA, I overestimated the album when it was first released.

Boy George's "This Is What I Do" Reviewed

By admin | April 29, 2014

There are several good covers, a Yoko Ono here, a Bob Dylan there and a Lana Del Rey everywhere: they all work pretty well albeit not very well, his best solo album by a lot shot but it misses that one sure shot to get him back where he was

10 Songs, Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | April 29, 2014

when I was young, I mean really young, maybe three years old, I dreamt I was an RAF pilot during the Second world war and shot down over the North Sea. I remember dreaming the plane was on fire and I was spiralling downwards. When I opened my eyes I was above my body looking down at me dead and then I was a child again safe in bed. I hadn’t even heard of WW2 at the time. Make of it what you will – A

Television Lite April 28th – May 2nd, 2014

By Helen Bach | April 27, 2014

But the truth is peppered in with same old same olds like Keith Urban we have a band that just a short while ago was playing a 200 person venue in Hartford Connecticut (psst we were there). Fabulous news and faith in humanity semi restored (not really). Happy new week!

10 Songs, Saturday, April 26th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | April 26, 2014

The great WW2 English songwriters Art Noel and Don Pelos (they did “Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major”) find a way too make the conceit on this singalong stick in your throat along with the childlike rhymes because whenever you’re singing “nursie nursie imma getting worsie” maybe you’re not thinking high concept but you are thinking danger. Where there is a nursie there is an injury – A

Boy George and The Black Lips, "Bang A Gong", Reviewed

By Helen Bach | April 22, 2014

Losing the vocal forces us to only endure the visual aspect of this collaboration from hell. The Black Lips are nothing more than a bar band. Non-descript , drum guitar bass for the bland set.

Active Viewin': rock nyc Concert Picks Week Of April 21st, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | April 20, 2014

At 75 years of age, Peter Stampfel’s latest song, on cooler than we are Don Giovanni Records, “NSA Man” finds the former hippie violinist folkie as great as ever. The new album is gonna kill it, I promise and the opportunity to see him in the cramped Mercury Lounge on Thursday is a huge huge thrill.