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TVON: Nevers Say Never

By Iman Lababedi | May 19, 2021

from great to whatever

Television Lite: July 21st- July 25th, 2014

By Helen Bach | July 20, 2014

Bam, we are nearly in the middle of summer and what have you done to celebrate it? Well do something! These are the days you wish for all year of fun sun and kool aid so why the hell are you watching television? No one worth mentioning but in keeping with tradition I wont scrap the whole post this week. LL Cool J.. there ya go.. that’s all.

Television Lite: June 2nd – June 6th, 2014

By Helen Bach | June 1, 2014

The best act of the week is once again on Jimmy Fallon although I’ve just about had enough of him (our local morning news feels obligated to blast his ‘funniest bit’ over and over on the hour)he scored the coolest chick in music, Chrissie Hynde.

Television Lite; May 26th – May 30th, 2014

By Helen Bach | May 25, 2014

Hey now summer is knocking on your door and you should be out there drinking beer and throwing foods on the grill. There is no need for you to be watching television and whoa.whoa..wait.. is that Sean Lennons band Ghost of a Saber Tooth bla bla bla?

Television Lite; May 19th – May 23rd, 2014

By Helen Bach | May 18, 2014

Conor Oberst shows up on Fallon to make the middle class kids cry that their lives are so tough and Debbie Harry shows up to tell us that with enough plastic surgery and a endless wardrobe budget you can rock this town well into your 60s.

Television Lite: May 12th – May 16th, 2014

By Iman Lababedi | May 11, 2014

Remember how cool Harry Connick Jr used to be? So fresh faced and croonie? Now he looks as if he’s made of modeling clay and what color is he? Soy sauce colored flesh

Television Lite: May 5th – May 9th, 2014

By Helen Bach | May 5, 2014

All we can do is hope its better than the past few which have sucked at levels never before known to man. Summer is coming right? Cuz it’s been 40 degrees and raining in the NorthEast and if it doest change soon there will be hell to pa.

Television Lite April 28th – May 2nd, 2014

By Helen Bach | April 27, 2014

But the truth is peppered in with same old same olds like Keith Urban we have a band that just a short while ago was playing a 200 person venue in Hartford Connecticut (psst we were there). Fabulous news and faith in humanity semi restored (not really). Happy new week!

Television Lite: April 21st – April 24th, 2014

By Helen Bach | April 20, 2014

We should be headed in to the days of reruns soon-but until then late night TV is alive and well and …well awful. Foster The People and Neon Trees? Proving that we are too tired and too distracted to care what we watch anyway.

Television Lite: April 14th – April 18th, 2014

By Helen Bach | April 13, 2014

I gotta say this is one of the most diverse weeks ever and almost all of the shows are repeats. the Strypes, Frank Turner, Broken Bells are just a few of the more interesting weeks I have seen in a long time. Oh it still sucks but not as hard as weeks past.

Television Lite: April 7th – April 11th, 2014

By Helen Bach | April 6, 2014

Holy mother of Peace Train I take that all back, hands up for Jimmy Fallon who comes in with the one and only Yusef Islam on the 8th, showing up 2 days before his day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Tuesday’s not dead.

Television Lite March 31st – April 4th, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 31, 2014

Remember there are alternatives such as sleeping or reading or Netflix or hey how about heading out and seeing a live band? Just a thought.

Television Lite: March 21st – March 28th, 2013

By Helen Bach | March 23, 2014

I could sit here and whine about how no ‘good’ musical guests are ever on television but I’d be writing that to people who actually watch shows like The Voice or American Idol so my though is some of you are actually excited to see some of the acts sitting on the late night couches.

Television Lite March 17th – March 21st, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 16, 2014

I am so thrilled for them and so psyched to have seen these guys live, its just the coolest thing ever and if you cant stay awake – then set your damn DVR. Other than that, the week is crap.

Television Lite: March 10th – March 14th, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 9, 2014

Truth is its still freezing here in the North East and there is no end in site. Its the point where we begin to question if it will ever get warmer. In keeping with this big chill we have a television line up as icy as a corpse.

Television Lite: March 3rd – March 7th, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 3, 2014

appears that Craig Ferguson is the winner with Panic! At The Disco. I still cant wrap my arms around the Brenden Urie Panic! There were three other members who added a whole heck of alot of personality. It almost seems as if it shouldn’t be called PATD at all.

Television Lite; February 24th – February 28th, 2014

By Helen Bach | February 24, 2014

Hashtag Jimmy Fallon, Hashtag Seth Meyers, Hashtag RIP SNL. The masters of the desk have slipped into position and late night may never be the same

Television Lite: February 17th – February 21st, 2014

By Helen Bach | February 17, 2014

You cant help but love Jimmy Fallon. He’s got that boyish charm that will one day be creepy but until his face catches up with the calendar, he’s a riot. From impressions to musical genius- he deserves the holy late night desk.

Television Lite: February 3rd – February 7th, 2014

By Helen Bach | February 2, 2014

Kermit the Frog is this weeks winner. Considering your options of The Flaming Lips or Pussy Riot a piece of felt with a hand up the backside is the most talented and least media pig of them all.

Television Lite: January 27th – January 31st, 2013

By Helen Bach | January 26, 2014

This is the time of year when depression moves in like your drunk uncle and it wont leave until the first worm shows up in the driveway. Until then there isn’t much to do but watch TV, read Twitter and bitch- which is pretty much all I do anyway.

Television Lite: January 20st – January 24th, 2014

By Helen Bach | January 19, 2014

Hey hey its Vampire Weekend! Those crazy New York hipbags are big time cool now! Making the rounds on the late night circuit after playing intimate venues theyre all over the place and hitting the big festivals too. Ah, watching the kids grow up

Television Lite: January 13th- January 17th, 2014

By Helen Bach | January 12, 2014

“We got nothin’ better to do, that watch TV and have a coupla brews”, so said Black Flag decades ago. Not so sure that flies these days. Id rather swallo glass some days rather than watch TV. There’s nothing there.

Television Lite January 6th – January 10th, 2014

By Helen Bach | January 7, 2014

The same lame ass acts go from show to show to promote the same thing on different networks. This week we have Mark Wahlberg hoggin up the couch but we do have some interesting things too

Television Lite December 23rd – December 27th, 2013

By Helen Bach | December 22, 2013

No way are the networks gonna give you anything more than brass tacks when they know full well you’re either in the depths of holiday depression or drunk has hell and puking on your neighbors lawn.

Television Lite: December 16th – December 20th, 2013

By Helen Bach | December 15, 2013

This weeks biggest nightmare is the horrible Bad Religion and the arrogant Bret Gurewitz jerking it up on Conan O’Brian. The question is will he be the label owning businessman or the old poser punk trying to be 20 again? I’m going with the later and much like women with too much Botox its almost pathetically sad to witness.

Television Lite December 9th – December 13th, 2013

By Helen Bach | December 8, 2013

I have always love Lowe’s voice and I love how it’s remained so true. With his blinding white hair he is hitting the talk show circuit this week.

Television Lite: December 2nd – December 6th, 2013

By Helen Bach | December 1, 2013

Hey welcome to the holiday season! Your gift is a lame week of television with not much action. Two Door Cinema Club and Bastille should be held as the winners of this weeks boob tube- the rest-not so good.

Television Lite: November 25th – November 29th, 2013

By Helen Bach | November 24, 2013

It’s a time when most people are taking a break, they have more leisure time and could watch more TV. So it’s actually a great time for quality programming- but it doesn’t happen.

Television Lite: November 18th – November 22nd 2013

By Helen Bach | November 17, 2013

Colbert’s dry humor can be way too dry and when he tries to be coy it often gets lost in the sandstorm. I do hope Ms M.I.A. snarks his ass off. She can be such a beast and he is such an easy hit.

Television Lite November 11th – November 15th, 2013

By Helen Bach | November 10, 2013

But in the case with all living things she grew up. Got married, got boring, lost focus and disappeared only to divorce, record crap and end up engaged to the dude from Nickelback. What?

Television Lite November 4th – November 8th, 2013

By Helen Bach | November 3, 2013

As much as I absolutely hate Jimmy Kimmel, I actually left his disgusting show on my this week just to fill space. This in no way endorses that human sack of crap but hey if you feel like watchin Florida Georgia Line I say go for it.

Television Lite: October 28th – November 2nd, 2013

By Helen Bach | October 27, 2013

The good is that Mr Elvis Costello will also be on. Monday night with the uber hep Steve Nieve!! You should know I am a massive Costello fan as is my co-editor Iman and although neither of us would stay up to see this bit on The Tonight Show- three cheers for On Demand!

Television Lite, October 21st – October 25th, 2013

By Helen Bach | October 21, 2013

Guys guys!! Remember when Pearl Jam were cool? “Jeremy spoke..” and all that jazz? Remember how brutally hot Eddie Vedder was? That dude was smoking crazy hot. Jumping off amps in his plaid and fatigue glory. That hair, that underbite.. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Television Lite October 7th – October 11th, 2013

By Helen Bach | October 6, 2013

Mary Magpie’s heroes 21 Pilots show up though. Here is a band that she trudged out to see in a venue that held 125 people (and wasnt a sell out!) less than a year ago. Suddenly they’re everywhere