Katy Perry Preparing Biography

By Helen Bach | March 17, 2013

A bit late don’t you think A woman who had such amazing pop appeal hasn’t done much since she hunkered down with walking bacteria John Mayer. New album? New Tour? Nah, just new pictures and old tunes and the same boobs and doe eyes as calling card. C’mon sister fire up some music.

Beatles Secretary Freda Kelly For Dummies

By Iman Lababedi | March 11, 2013

“The amount of personal attention and true affection that she served the Beatles’ fans with – teenage girls, mostly – will probably go unmatched throughout music history.”

"The One: The Life And Music Of James Brown" By RJ Smith Reviewed

By Mahalia Dark | December 18, 2012

From the 50s to the 90s he drove a power funk rhythm right through Jim Crow to Black Power and out the end and released some of the greatest dance music of all time. “Please Please Please”, “Sex Machine”, “Cold Sweat”, he ran roughshod over some of the greatest musicians of all time, and planted himself at the center of American pop to this day. Hip Hop owes Brown everything.

Wynton Marsalis And Walter Isaacson To Work Of Louis Armstrong

By Iman Lababedi | November 27, 2012

Here is Wynton Marsalis discussing the jazz master: ” “Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest human beings to ever set foot on this planet. He gave us a healing that still sits with us. Thank you, Pops.”

Al Sharpton Is To James Brown What Jesse Jackson Is To Motown

By Iman Lababedi | June 6, 2012

Sharpton considered Brown a mentor and was very, very close friends with him, and RJ interviewed the Reverand for the bio. Sharpton said he thought nthing much of the interview at the time because he was often asked about Brown but he was very impressed with RJ’s work.

Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury

By Helen Bach | May 30, 2012

To gain a better understanding of Mercury’s early life and his somewhat fraught relationship with his traditional, conservative past Jones traveled to Zanzibar, his birthplace, and India, where he attended boarding school. Jones also provides new insights into the great loves of Mercury’s life-