Edward Huerta

Charlie Watts 1941-2021 RIP

By Edward Huerta | August 26, 2021

You are good every night

Justin Townes Earle’s “Am I That Lonely Tonight” Reviewed

By Edward Huerta | August 27, 2020

try to be the best person in your own eyes because that still means something

Why We Need Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys Now More Than Ever

By Edward Huerta | July 5, 2020

Be off with your negatory ways

“Cardioid ” by Selahxtiana Reviewed

By Edward Huerta | May 18, 2020

working together as two hearts

R.E.M.’s Monster 25th Anniversary Box Set Reviewed

By Edward Huerta | September 21, 2019

I am smitten with this album, quite possibly, it’s my crush with eyeliner

One Soft Infested Summer: Born To Run Remembered

By Edward Huerta | August 25, 2019

this is what rock and roll is all about! This is why I exist!

The Big Huerta Meets Wilko Johnson At 70

By Edward Huerta | July 24, 2017

May you rest in peace while you are alive

The Big Huerta Discovers Pubs And Wilko Johnson But Not In That Order

By Edward Huerta | July 17, 2017

Dr. Feelgood made me feel good!

The Big Huerta Explains “Clouds Are Moving” A Song By Rockford

By Edward Huerta | April 22, 2017

recorded, basically, in one take

The Big Huerta: Cat o’ Many Tales

By Edward Huerta | April 18, 2017

a peaceful soul

Drummers: The Big Huerta And Charlie Watts: “Good Tonight Inn’t He?”

By Edward Huerta | February 3, 2017

Give me the dude that makes your head nod

The Bangles and The Last at The Whisky, Friday, December 9, 2016, Reviewed

By Edward Huerta | December 10, 2016

The time was right for dancing at The Whisky

Hank Williams And The Big Huerta Know Men With Broken Hearts

By Edward Huerta | October 28, 2016

Just touching on the life of Luke the Drifter

The Big Huerta Passes For Human And The Flesh Eaters

By Edward Huerta | April 3, 2016

Let’s rock again!

Oldies But Goldies: Brian Wilson At The Greek Theatre, June 20th, 2015

By Edward Huerta | March 16, 2016

A review so great it caught Mr. Wilson’s attention

The Big Huerta and The Challengers in Winter

By Edward Huerta | February 14, 2016

Surfers are an extreme fearless bunch

The Big Huerta: State of the HeART 2016

By Edward Huerta | January 6, 2016

I can hear the thousands of mouse clicks going off to the latest post of “How Adele saved the music world”).

The Big Huerta Jumps Back With James Brown, It’s Getting Too Funky in Here, Parts I & II

By Edward Huerta | January 5, 2016

I used to try to dance like James circa The TAMI Show when I was young

The Big Huerta presents A Tale of Two Sittings (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Photobomb)

By Edward Huerta | December 30, 2015

The painting was done because it had to exist. It immediately struck a chord in my weird consciousness.

The Big Huerta Pays Respects to Adam Roth

By Edward Huerta | December 21, 2015

It seems to me that once we leave this bodily vessel, the next stop will be one of brilliance, colors and light.

The Big Huerta Feel Flows: Kent Crowley’s Carl Wilson Biography “Long Promised Road” Reviewed

By Edward Huerta | December 20, 2015

Carl Wilson was a highly respected guitar player that was always positive and treated people with dignity and kudos to the author for treating his subject with the respect that he deserves

The Big Huerta Imagines

By Edward Huerta | December 8, 2015

I took a picture of the screen with my camera and I tried to capture the still. I think I got his nose

The Big Huertas’ History Lesson Part IV: Minutemen

By Edward Huerta | November 25, 2015

D. Boon, a soldier child, a man that 30 years after his passing, his influence is still being felt, we are still talking about and often remembering him

The Big Huerta: J. Geils (Band) vs The Human League (Can Your Heart Stand It???)

By Edward Huerta | October 11, 2015

this is about desperation…every now and then we do get desperate…it’s about L-O-V-E and if you abuse it you’re gonna lose it and if you lose it you’re gonna abuse it, if you abuse it you ain’t gonna be able to choose it cuz you ain’t gonna have it further on down the line and things ain’t gonna be so fine

The Big Huerta: *ARTicle Never Sent

By Edward Huerta | October 9, 2015

What makes a man start fires The Minutemen asked. Well, what makes a man/person continue? I am NOT looking for pity and I could be waaaaay worse off than I am. It just at this juncture in time, my life feels like a perfect storm of loneliness, helplessness, of fighting the every day fight with both hands tied behind my back

The Big Huerta Hounds Elvis Presley

By Edward Huerta | September 27, 2015

I am not dissing Leiber and Stoller (from whence the pic idea for painting of them came from), they wrote some tremendous, legendary songs. I am just representing the little people that lost Elvis when RCA prettied him up. His Sun Records output is some of the purest form of rock and roll to ever grace vinyl.

The Big Huerta Goes to Clear Lake, Iowa in his Mind

By Edward Huerta | September 20, 2015

This painting was very minimalist. It is viewed through a snow drift…a faint wooden fence can be seen along with Buddy’s glasses….broken in two in the snow….along with the words “Oh Boy” written in the snow. Oh boy is not meant to be good…just a harbinger of things to come in the future.

The Big Huerta and Lenny Bruce, The King of Comedy

By Edward Huerta | September 13, 2015

I did this painting on black canvas. Only special peeps get to the black canvas. I also used fluorescents to help dignify his intensity. I put his name in green like those old scary movies ads of the 50’s…as if he is “The Blob” and coming for your children. As Lenny once said, “I’m sorry I haven’t been funny. I am not a comedian. I am Lenny Bruce.”

The Big Huerta And Jelly Roll Morton

By Edward Huerta | September 6, 2015

This painting has a metallic spray paint background. I think I was trying to give him one of those Polaroid SX70’s type of look but with a cartoonish vibe…much like if he had a weekly Saturday morning cartoon show that kids would enjoy…like if the producers of Fat Albert distributed this

The Big Huerta Takes Five

By Edward Huerta | August 27, 2015

I painted the background with metallic spray paints, to give the portrait a shining golden look along with the sky blue to give it a nice positive feel. I used oil paints and the metallic still bled through that but I thought that gave it a cool look, so I left it like that, as if his spirit shined through the painting

The Big Huerta Bikes with Syd Barrett

By Edward Huerta | August 22, 2015

During the week, I texted Iman, informing him I was emotionally drained and couldn’t bring myself to write anything. In fact, I started two other TBH articles and couldn’t finish them due to an absence of creativity and inspiration. I don’t want to go into my life right now, but I have had a terrible time of things in this past year. I believe this is what happened with Syd, too.

The Big Huerta on Elvis Presley’s Death Day

By Edward Huerta | August 12, 2015

We sent out wedding invites that she designed with Elvis from “Blue Hawaii” surfing on the cover. We were even married in front of an Elvis statue and had the reception in an Elvis themed restaurant. We listened to Elvis every weekend.

The Big Huerta checks out LBJ & The King

By Edward Huerta | August 5, 2015

CBS SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN….CBS SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN…We are sorry to interrupt this article but we have just had a report that Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll has been seriously wounded. Our sources report that Elvis was in the process of arriving at a “meet and greet” for some of his top fans in Dealey Plaza in Dallas this afternoon.

Herb Alpert And The Big Huerta: The Eyes Have It

By Edward Huerta | July 29, 2015

This painting was done on black canvas and the portrait was done in oil. I am slowly learning to blend the oils into a tri-color sheen that give the skin a more living, colorful feel. I sorta went with a 60’s or 70’s style font that recalled the colors on “Whipped Cream and Other Delights”…but who was looking at the colors on that LP?

Willy DeVille Helps The Big Huerta Walk That Girl Home

By Edward Huerta | July 23, 2015

I will add a personal note to this article. Willy played a big role when I was courting my future wife even though she never knew. When we first started dating, I had “Le Chat Bleu” in my cassette player. I would listen to this, sort of like a good luck charm: “This Must be the Night” “That World Outside” and especially “Just to Walk that Little Girl Home”

The Big Huerta Suffers for His Art, Blakey

By Edward Huerta | July 16, 2015

The first one was painted on a Remo 14” snare drum head using acrylics and metallic paints (This is Art in action; the second one is an EP cover that I dreamed up in the style of influential artist David Stone Martin, picture this as some sort of Jazz Messengers Live in Italy sort of thang.

The Big Huerta Chases the Bird, Charlie Parker

By Edward Huerta | July 11, 2015

Charles Christopher Parker Jr., aka Yardbird, Yard, Bird, Sweet Cheeks (ok, I made that one up), the ultimate hipster that was never cartoonized by the media, in stereotype for the public with beret and horn rims, ala Diz. He was the martyr of the bebop era.

Looking For Lady Dee (A Punk Rock Mystery) By Johnny Angel Wendell Review

By Edward Huerta | July 5, 2015

As a member of The Thrills, Johnny rubs elbows with a virtual who’s who of PR history. Amongst this is a quest to find a lost soul mate/love that uncovers some touching yet hard-edged insights and weaknesses in the American male and all us in general. The book bounces back and forth between a current Facebook poster/old friend and the rock and roll past.

The Big Huerta Respects Miss Nina Simone

By Edward Huerta | July 1, 2015

I took this portrait of Nina from a still photo in the Liz Garbus documentary. This was done in oil. I chose to put Nina on black canvas because she was such a strong voice in the black culture and will always be associated with such. Her portrait is done in an angelic white with a hint of blues illuminating her hair. I used shapes in the background (acrylic) from a stage show that was filmed later in her career. The font was my interpretation of a royal African style that is done in a gold and bronze in tribute to her regal ness

The Big Huerta Passes the Buck

By Edward Huerta | June 25, 2015

The painting is pretty goofy looking. I don’t know why. Buck used to be pretty goofy onstage. I mean he threw out some great zingers at people that were dancing. He almost sounded like he had a few drinks in him, not sure, don’t need to know, but he was pretty dang funny. I also gave him some flowers just to gussy him up.

Brian Wilson at the Greek Theatre, Saturday, June 20th, 2015, Review

By Edward Huerta | June 21, 2015

Set highlights included “This Whole World”, The Little Girl I Once Knew”, “Shut Down”, “Then I Kissed Her”, “Wild Honey” (with Chaplin singing and blistering guitar parts), “She Knows Me Too Well”, “Wake the World” and this is the first time I ever heard him do “Busy Doin’ Nothing” the bossa nova ode from 1968 Friends lp. You mix that in with the hits (California Girls, God Only Knows, In My Room, Lil Deuce Coupe….do I really have to list them???) and it was just a marvel

Jonathan Richman at DiPiazza’s Italian Restaurant, Wednesday,June 17, 2015, Review

By Edward Huerta | June 18, 2015

We are all misfits and Jonathan is our leader.

The Big Huerta Gives Dennis Wilson Sum

By Edward Huerta | June 17, 2015

Folks, before we all get a little upset, let me do some ‘splainin’..This painting is not paying homage to Chuck Manson by any means. I was just trying to beat some get-rich-quick dude on a CD or LP cover….imagining if some lost tapes were unearthed between Dennis Wilson and the Manson, a what-if, if you will, of album art.

Brian Wilson Story “Love And Mercy” Review

By Edward Huerta | June 7, 2015

Just try holding back the tears when you see the real Brian Wilson singing “Love and Mercy” at the end of this film. Misty would have liked this and she would have made fun of me over lunch for being so emotional. God bless Brian Wilson.

The Big Huerta and the Wall of Frankenstein or creating the perfect singer)

By Edward Huerta | June 2, 2015

I drew this out in pencil before I attacked it on canvas. Weirdly enough, I got the hair, I got the eyes…but then a very strange thing happened when I got to the nose….from the nose down she turned into Tina Turner! I did not try to do this. I tell ya, I don’t have that much control of my painting!

The Big Huerta and the Voola

By Edward Huerta | May 27, 2015

Back in the late 80’s, Don (Mr. Hollywood) Butler and I discovered the sounds of this wildman. I cannot remember who heard him first…me, him or Little Richard, but I do remember we were instantly hooked by the wild piano playing and insane vocal stylings and his crazy hair-do

The Big Huerta Watt’s Happening

By Edward Huerta | May 11, 2015

I used Los Angeles Lakers colors because Watt is a huge homer for the local hoops squad. I dressed him in his customary flannel, he was wearing flannel before the Northwest peeps took that look over and claimed it as their own, and threw his outdoor jacket on him.

The Big Huerta serves up a double dose of Jimmy Rushing

By Edward Huerta | May 6, 2015

I have a feeling that Mr. 5 x 5 and I will see each other again…for he is truly a remarkable singer and talent and one can really never know if he’s coming or going. Folks, get into some Rushing, y’all can thank me later, and you will… so try jumpin’ with the fat man

The Big Huerta Gets Punked (South Bay style)

By Edward Huerta | April 28, 2015

Jack Brewer and Joe Baiza are members of South Bay punk rock band Saccharine Trust. This past week I have been going down memory lane and revisiting my “punk roots”, if you will. It all started with a book release of the San Pedro punk scene called “A Wailing of a Town, 1977-1985” an oral history written by Craig Ibarra.

The Big Huerta Meets The Big Hurt

By Edward Huerta | April 21, 2015

It doesn’t go away. It never will. Death is a game changer. Death of a spouse changes one’s entire future, ones plans, ones goals; every waking minute is different these days. I see things in entirely different ways now. It doesn’t seem fair but at least I was blessed with the time and memories that we had together