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10 Songs: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Spoon Full

Spoon Full

1. Live It Up – Spoon – A heavy blues from the semi-popular indie band; not my scene, it is neither beaty nor meaty enough but it has a uniqueness to it: it sounds like nothing else only not quite as good – B

2. Live It Up – Colbie Colbaitt – Catchy yes, upbeat, swingy MOR but sweet not saccharine, she doesn’t give rats cancer – A

3. I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore – Rise Against – These guys never seem to do any better, do they? – C

4. Angel In Blue Jeans – Train – I recently wrote how Broken Bells have never written a song I’ve actually liked. Goes double for these guys – D

5. Taking Off – clipping – this guy’s rapping is beyond annoying – D+

6. Stay Gold – First Aid Kit – It is like being haunted by a really shallow ghost – D+

7. You Or No One – Chrissie Hynde – Sure her singing is aces, all sexy huskiness and come on, but the song is beyond lame – C-

8. 5:15 Live In London – The Who – If it wasn’t for the “going down” vocal riffing, this would be worth the price of admission for Daltry alone – B+

9. Dirty Chuck – Futuristic – Nice scratching at the start – C+

10. Hangover – PSY, Snoop Dogg – Well, I guess it is gangbanger style now – D+

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