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X's Exene Cervenka Has Totally Lost Her Mind?


insane Exene?

Exene Cervenka is still a mystery to me. I have already written about her non-sense tweets and insane YouTube posts not a long time ago, but she has one more time proved she has completely lost it! For some time, she had been commenting, ranting, or rambling I should say, about the weirdest conspiracy theories and especially declaring that all these dramatic school shootings we have been experiencing these past months, were hoaxes, staged for gun control, and a few days ago, she jumped on the last Santa Barbara tragedy! What? Is she serious? When I saw her at the Downtown Los Angeles library a few months ago, she was totally making sense, she was the punk rock icon I was expecting, opinionated sure, but in a good way, far from being a wackjob, as she never talked about this bullshit she is posting on social media! What happened?

To add fuel to her controversial position, she tweeted stuff like:

‘I added a video to a ‪@YouTube playlist ‪  Proof Glass arrived before police Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax’

‘Santa Barbara Shooting Staged For Gun Control: ‪  via ‪@YouTube sick of these hoaxes.’

‘I added a video to a ‪@YouTube playlist ‪  Santa Barbara Shooting Staged For Gun Control’

‘I added a video to a ‪@YouTube playlist ‪  Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax – “Shooter'” Elliot Rodger’s Green Screen &’

Does she really believe this craziness or is she playing with people’s minds? What’s going on Exene? Fans who still stick with her, still pretend she is playing some kind of punk farce while making a mockery of conspiracy theorists, and I would love to believe it is the case, but I don’t see any indication of this anywhere…. She is just making a fool of herself, what happened a few days ago was a terrible tragedy, people died of a horrible death, others were traumatized and Exene’s little game doesn’t help the healing! She recently sold all her belongings to move to Texas – she had an estate sale – so this tells me she is not totally joking! Texas may be closer to her gun mentality, after all she declared this to Rolling Stone just a few months ago:

‘The other reason I’m moving, if the creek don’t rise, is that when I moved to California in 1976, Jerry Brown was governor. It was barefoot hippie girls, Hell’s Angels on the Sunset Strip, East L.A. lowriders, the ocean and nature. It was this fabulous incredible place about freedom. Now when I think about California, I think of a liberal oppressive police state and regulations and taxes and fees. I’d rather go someplace and have my own little place out on the edge of town. I’m a country girl at heart. It makes me happy when I see people in Texas open-carrying. It makes me feel safe. I’m not even a gun owner, but I’d like to see a gun rack in every pickup truck, like my boyfriend had when I was fifteen years old in Florida. An armed society is a polite society.’

This made me cringe in an awful way, does she realize how dangerous weapons are when they are in the hands of lunatics or mentally deranged people? May be the meds she is taking – she suffers from multiple sclerosis – have had a toll on her brain, but this is truly batshit crazy paranoia, a total mind/personality disorder which can’t be explained. Some scientific papers (like this one) have found a link between psychological and psychiatric disorders and MS, although it is complex and still unclear.

Or may be she has always had this tendency and age and disease aggravate everything? X has announced a series of four concerts at the Roxy from July 10th to July 13th, during which they are going to play their first four albums in their entirety… so she is still active in the musical scene and I wonder whether her last insane episode will have an impact on these shows… What are her bandmates (John Doe, Billy Zoom and D.J. Bonbrake) thinking about all this?…Will I even be able to appreciate her performance knowing she has lost her mind?

I want to believe Exene is still the Exene who said ‘But I think the thing most people find exciting is the same thing people always found exciting. If you went to see Iggy Pop, or you went to see the Doors or you went to see X or any band that was real people making real music and anything could happen, they’d written these great songs and were either going to let it all go and be as passionate and crazy as they’d like, or not.’… ‘You could see a great show, a terrible show, or see someone do something amazing. Just spontaneous expressions of creativity.’… ‘And there are all of these people who haven’t been to a show except to see Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. It’s just so sad: They’ve never seen an actual person sing.’

At the end I don’t know, I only know all this makes me very sad, another complicated and difficult separation between the art and the artist.





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