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Wine and Dine Cruise, With America

dont give up until you drink from the silver cup

dont give up until you drink from the silver cup

This is for all the lonely people, thinking that life has passed them by… it has.

The Wine and Dine Cruise take you to the Caribbean with the band America.  I cannot for the life of my understand what has triggered these music themed cruises other than captive audiences.  The Moody Blues Cruise was highly advertised when I saw the band last week and to see this latest new addition is just jaw dropping.  I suppose anything is possible with the right amount o f money.

Along with nightly shows by America, the cruise will feature performances by country music’s Neal McCoy, “The Voice” finalist Chris Mann, pop pianist/vocalist Phil Thompson and comedian Cory Kahaney.  There is also a cover  ABBA show, “Arrival From Sweden – The Music Of Abba” is on the lineup as well as popular cruise band World Classic Rockers.

So that covers your entertainment. The of course there is the wine and dine.  The dine is straight from the kitchen of chef John Ash (who?) and onboard will teach classes at $150 a pop on how to pair foods with wine (read a book) then of course there is the whine, I mean wine, thats couresy of middle of the road Kendall-Jackson who will offer up a bottle to your room nightly. So far its looking rather unimpressive.

Costs?  Well, now you’ll be impressed.  One week on the sea and your bottom dollar fee per person is $699. then the add ons and the gimmcks and its safe to say its about $1100 at the bottom of the scale in a boiler room.  Enjoy!

Fabulous info right here 

Check out the folk gettin’ rowdy

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