Title Fight

Sunday At The FYF Fest, I Wish Every Day Were Sunday, August 23rd 2015 review

By Alyson Camus | August 25, 2015

Faithful to himself, Morrissey still wants to convince us with bravado and courage… and I love the fact that he is still trying, I am well aware that lots of people may have taken all this for bad propaganda, but did you see these giant middle fingers flipped by the queen? And I haven’t even mentioned that his musicians were wearing ‘Crapitol Records’ shirts…

Title Fight's 10 Year Anniversary Show Reviewed

By admin | December 12, 2013

“It looks, it feels, it *is* a punk show, and that’s what this band has brought back into the world, with the help of others like them- that classic punk sense of a show community..they covered “Minor Threat”, and I swear if the video footage was in grainy black and white, you’d think these were kids who were opening up for Minor Threat and paying them homage.”

Title Fight's "Be A Toy" Video Reviewed

By admin | November 25, 2013

It shows concert footage that’s dark and gritty in the most punk rock way possible and then contrasts with the band messing around and being goofy. It’s the same quality that One Direction fangirls squee over and get googley-eyed for, only more hardcore, of course.

Title Fight El 'N' Gee New London Friday October 11th 2013 Reviewed

By admin | October 15, 2013

“Head in the ceiling fan goes rolling and missing like bullets slamming into deer skin. Glued my green eyes to your face. I’m blind. Follow footsteps, a bleeding bloodline.”