Devil Wears Prada

An interview with Kacie Quigley of Living The Dream Foundation

By admin | March 30, 2014

She wants a kid to know and be able to snap their fingers and spend a day with their favorite band. It’s a fantastic vision that isn’t too far off, by any means. In a short amount of time, the organization has skyrocketed and made countless dreams come true.

Take Action Tour 2014 Announces Line Up

By Helen Bach | January 17, 2014

The Take Action tour is an annual spring event that combines doing good with hearing good. The line up is always an interesting mix of harder rock and pop punk. Confusing at times but in our four years of covering it- it has never disappointed.

Devil Wears Prada's, Mike Hranica Author

By Helen Bach | November 1, 2013

The 53 page book (that’s a very short, short story) is limited to 1818 (how appropriate as its the DWP album title) copies and there is a bundle for $25 that gets you a t-shirt and gets your book autographed.