L. A. Burning, West Coast Concert Picks December 9th To 16th 2019

By Alyson Camus | December 6, 2019

DIIV are playing on Saturday and Sunday at the Lodge Room

Bayside Celebrates Successful First Week of “Acoustic Volume 2”

By admin | October 14, 2018

secured the #4 spot on the Current Alternative chart

Bayside Releases Highly Anticipated New Album, “Acoustic Volume 2”

By admin | September 30, 2018

a lifestyle, a counterculture, and a deeply held conviction,

Bayside Announce Intimate Full Band Acoustic Tour

By admin | August 21, 2018

a spirit of deconstruction and re-imagination

Active Viewin: rock nyc Concert Picks For The Week Of 4-14-14

By Iman Lababedi | April 13, 2014

The Wonder Years are true representatives of a certain strata of their generation. They for them and to them. But they sound like emo and they have the same problem with melodies that inflicts all “emo” bands with the exception of My Chemical Romance. They are playing Best Buy on Thursday and if you wanna catch up with the Greatest Generation, that is the place to be.

Bayside Tells The Whitest Lie

By admin | April 7, 2014

It’s definitely more likely that this is all a hoax, and if you watch the video of the announcement, they’re all pretty stoic and emotionless, and it kind of just feels like a big joke. There’s no way that this isn’t just them messing with us.

Sneak Peak: New Album release 2-17-14

By Iman Lababedi | February 17, 2014

Queens faves Bayside, though I wasn’t that thrilled the last time I saw em live at Best Buy, get the nod this week. First runner ups Suzanne Vega and Angel Olsen and honorable mention to PLANNINGTOROCk. Now let the game of what to Spotify have and not have begin… so far they’ve missed out on Broken Bells and Eric Church.

Bayside "Time Has Come" Reviewed

By admin | January 30, 2014

Anthony’s voice is the best it’s ever been. It’s warm and lovely, and feels like a hug. That’s one thing I’ve always loved about Bayside- no matter how hard and heavy their music gets, Anthony’s voice resolves it and leaves it just a bit softer. It’s so unique and hard to pull off, but they do it perfectly.

Bayside Announces Tour, Contest

By admin | December 24, 2013

“The Great American Cult tour is not only brilliantly titled, but brilliantly supported. Four Year Strong, Daylight, and Mixtapes are the supporters. This is a diverse and wonderful lineup that will not only draw the pop punk crowd, but the rougher post-hardcore crowd as well.”

Anthony Raneri's "String Me Along" Reviewed

By admin | October 19, 2013

“Being able to change a “you’re pathetic and sucky” line into “I don’t mind, but I still think you’re secretly pathetic.” His voice here is wholesome and strong; it’s incredible the depth that he possesses. It’s one of the things that makes his voice so distinct and unique, and it fits this song seamlessly.”

A "Short" Interview With Bayside October 6th, 2013

By admin | October 9, 2013

“They just kept sending more and more paperwork to sign. Like for one, it’s a charity for the state of New York so we’re giving you the money kind of anyway, and two, we desisted like, we ceased and desisted, like, nine months ago. No good deed goes unpunished.”