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Mary Lou Lord Talks About The Day Courtney Love Ran After Her To Kill Her


Trouble at the palladium

Courtney Love and folk singer songwriter Mary Lou Lord have a long history together, a tortured history, and if you want to know how Kurt Cobain met Mary Lou Lord, you can always read this excerpt from Everett True’s biography. This is not the first time that Mary Lou Lord posts stories about Courtney Love’s terrible accusations against her on her Facebook page, and this is not the first time this attracts the attention of music blogs. This time, Mary Lou Lord stumbled on some old Courtney Love’s interview – in which, Courtney being Courtney, talks about her prowess, meaning the time she beat MLL’s ass after a Hole show at the Palladium. MLL couldn’t help it, she reposted the juicy excerpt on her Facebook:

‘Oh, I beat the shit out of Mary Lou Lord the other night in front of Danny DeVito. It was really insane. She came up to me. Danny DeVito had just left and she comes up to me and says, “Hi.”
How did she get backstage?
I fucking don’t know. There were like only 20 people left. All the stars were gone and whatever. And I got up and I was like in the 1200 dollar dress and I’m barefoot and I started chasing her and these Samoan guys tried to stop me and I chased her and chased her all the way behind Gower Golds. I think she was hiding in a dumpster.
Patti: You cleaned her clock first!
Courtney: I fucking clocked her out, but I didn’t clock her out enough because I wanted to kill her, right? But instead I look behind me and there were like 100 kids –
But you were “pretty on the inside” and you stayed at “four star hotels.” Didn’t she say that?
I know, but she slept in my park. She has a restraining order. She’s had a restraining order – Kurt put a restraining order on her two years ago. She’s crazy.

Hmm. This is an old interview I just came across. Courtney Love/Nardwar. I think it would be easy to prove that there was never a restraining order. I certainly never was served one, nor did I ever go near any park, nor their house. Everything about this is wrong… Except for the part where she did clock me good. Came up from behind and sucker punched. I think I’m suddenly having a pain in my back and ptsd…Lawyer time…Oh, and about that restraining order. Um, yea, I’m sure that the statute/too much time has passed for lies and slander…but my back hurts and I have nightmares.’

This triggered a long discussion with her Facebook followers of course, the majority of them trashing Courtney Love and questioning her sanity as they should, with a few exceptions… curiously, the Hole frontwoman still has many loyal fans after all these years of insane behavior. I am not sure why MLL posted this now, decades after it happened! Whatever you think about her, Courtney is still Courtney, quite famous whereas Mary Lou is far less in the spotlight…. At first, this sounded a bit like a cry for pity. However, I totally understand Lord’s frustration.

During the conversation Lord wrote: ‘I wonder if I can sue the bitch’… Sure! that would be about the 1,000th lawsuit against Love, but it is weird to think about it, suing someone over an action done in 1994? Why didn’t she sue Love at the time? Lord admits at one point  ‘But back then…holy shit. I was so afraid of her.’ Although, I don’t think Lord has any intention to sue Love right now, this crazy woman is something she can’t forget for good reasons: she wanted to kill her! MLL has an habit to keep her mouth shut in interviews while CL opens hers very wide, and that’s a shame, she should have reacted to such violent behavior, because it was really violent:

‘Well, in retrospect, it was quite a night. I was there because we had the same booking agent and I was invited by the entire William Morris people. I liked Hole. I thought it would be ok. I never did anything to her. If anything, I should have been the one pissed off….but yea, the night proceeded in her chasing me down Sunset. Her dress straps fell down, so at that point in the chase….barefoot with a blue thing around her waist. I had torn myself away from a security dude at the gate and in the process my shirt, bra, hat…all that came off. I was running down sunset topless with her essentially topless and barefoot chasing me. I hid behind a big lamp post behind the denny’s and sort of had to crouch and circle around it when she got close. I pissed my pants I was so scared….ugh.’

‘She chased me down the entire side of the Palladium on the fire escape in her bare feet screaming the whole way “I’m gonna kill you”! the guard guy at the fence thought I stole a guitar or a mic or something and was trying to keep me in the gated area. I pulled away leaving him with my clothes. shit, I never ran so fast in my life. The funny thing, is that many of the people from the remains of the party also followed down that long fire escape to watch the action….I distinctly remember a person with a movie quality camera catching this whole thing running behind us.’

This has caused great pain to MLL, who even gave a summary of all the awful and vile things she has been accused of by CL:

‘I remained silent and didn’t even try to fight back, sue her for slander, or have MY SAY in what the truth was. It wasn’t even a matter of what the truth might have been regarding what my relationship with Kurt was. I didn’t care about that part of it. That was not the issue I wanted to address to get straight. What bothered me the most, was her LIES well after the fact and her constant ramblings in press and in her old AOL “Hole” folder. She said to her fans and in print (for no apparent reason…I never provoked her),

1.That I had killed their cat by sticking a syringe in its eye and left it for dead on their porch.

2. That I camped out for a week in the park across the street from them and stalked them.

3. And in Rolling Stone she actually said “oh, Marylou once gave Kurt a the back of a dark van in an alley one night and is now trying to make a career out of it ! Can you imagine how this might have felt if the person on THE COVER of Rolling Stone that month said that shit about YOU and there was not a single thing you could do about it? I know I could have gotten a lawyer at the time to go after her for slander, etc… but I was petrified of her and I didn’t want to draw negativity towards me. In interviews I would get asked about this ALL THE TIME. and I would answer….”I really like music, and songs”…I would change the subject. I would do anything to avoid the questions. I took the high road. But to be honest….It really hurt me.’

Of course it still hurts! She has never been able to vindicate herself, to fight back! She was never able to prove that Love is a terrible and dangerous liar, or, as producer Rob Schnapf wrote in the same thread that ‘she is just a junky hooker dolled up’. I loved that!

Why was/is Courtney so mad at Mary Lou Lord? Courtney Love can’t still pass the fact that Kurt liked MLL, she holds a strong grudge against her or anybody who got close to her husband, even long after her husband’s death. Jealousy is what fuels CL’s life and she even repeated what MLL said in this 1995 Spin magazine which describes the incident: [MLL] ‘once gave Kurt a blowjob and has built her career on it’… err, she was talking about herself, right?  ‘There are five people in the world who if I run into I’ll fucking kill. And she’s definitely one of them,’ she added. How can this woman get away with death threats? This should be a cause for several lawsuits.

This is very shocking to read this in an interview, and MLL should still be very careful like a few other people: ‘I personally know about 8 or so other people who also went through shit with her’ she added, ‘It’s something hard to shake. But it helps if you know you’re not the only one. So, this talking is for them as well. Then, we can all let it go. It’s been long enough now, that I am not in fear of my life to talk about, and set straight. Movin’ on time.’

But now that Courtney Love is hugging Dave Grohl and is wearing haute couture, it seems that there’s not a person who will even try to destroy the Courtney Love killing machine!

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