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Jimmy Fallon Rules The World Part 1: Beatles Ahead of Their Time



You cannot hashtag go hasthtag one day hasthtag without hearing about hashtag Jimmy Fallon in some hash tag news spot.  He has lept from a SNL secret to a mega super duper star and honestly, he sorta deserves it.  There is going to be a time very soon when you’re either gonna get sick of him or just resign yourself that he wont go away.

I’m trying to stay at a distance.  I don’t want to get sick of his shtick- and since its sorta predictable, its easy to get old really quick.  So rather than shout out all the nifty things he’s done on the new improved and hipped up Tonight Show, I’ll periodically share something off the beaten path.

The video below shows Fallons Beatles right after their epic Ed Sullivan show performance.  Is it funny?  No not really but the pop culture references are endearing, I like the product placement best.  A social statement that no doubt nods to the harsh reality of today’s pop stars- ya gotta endorse something and you gotta have a marketing  shove.

Fred Armistons rubber face can really annoy sometime and in this bit, as Ringo, he really is just lame.  But well its sorta cute and it is after all Fallon so it goes without saying that this is perfection.. right?  No, but it’ll do for late night and considering the competition this is pretty good.  Lord knows it’s better than Saturday Night Live.

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