Is Fiona Apple a Bitch?

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Yeah.  Well according to Brenden Urie of Panic! At The Disco.  See the single “Miss Jackson” was supposed to be “Bad Apple” but Fiona- she wasnt having it.

What amuses me is the Revolt video below.  Where Urie explains it all and best yet- actually plays the original version.  Fiona would be so lucky to inspire Panic!s fan-base (primarily awkward teen girls)  That would boost her record sales for sure but now?  She can pretty much forget it.  It’s a shame too since the tune sounds awesome with her hook and I don’t even like her.

I love that Urie is so point blank about it.  In a nervous jitter explanation he sums it all up, Wanting to use Fiona’s vocals from “Every Single Night”. Fiona “was not having it, man, she was bummed on us.” Urie added that he is a longtime Fiona fan, and still loves her music, but referred to her as “bitch” for not clearing the sample.  With good reason.  What the hell is she protecting?  Her integrity?

Ive had it with the ‘above it all’ mentality of indie bitches, and that they are.  Fiona hasn’t hit mass appeal since rolling around in a heroin haze with “Criminal”.  Panic! wanting to couple with her for this one tune is brow furrowing in itself- but until Apple demands it pulled down, you can only hear it via Urie’s phone.  By the way, follow Urie on Twitter, he’s hilarious.

For the record Urie has a beautiful voice and so does Fiona- it would have made a nice pairing.  I wonder what Apple’s reasoning was.  Well I wonder but no loss really.  The video is awesome- Loving the Doug E Fresh behind Brenden.

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