Hear Ye On Spotify: what rock nyc is listening to 11-7-13

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Glad tidings from New York

1. Glad Tidings Take 9 – Van Morrison – Now available on Spotify, this version, a slower, sweeter, more powerful  than the version on Moondance, is, alone, worth the time it took to piss off Van and archive the studio sessions – A+

2. Dream Baby Dream – Suicide – Waking from a nightmare, Vega falls into a romantic reverie – A

3. Motherless Children (Live At The Gaslight Café, 1962) – Bob Dylan – we all say Dylan sounded old before his time but here you can hear what we mean – A

4. God Bless The Girl –  David Bowie – One of my fave songs off the current album is hidden on the deluxe version, if you put this and the DFA remix on the original version, it would improve it by leaps and bounds – A

5. Venus – Lady Gaga – Oddly enough, most of ARTPOP’s songs, including this one, sound better in context – B

6. Cold World – Mellowhigh  – I admire this album more than love it, it is a little toosunk it’s like Massive Attack without the Massive and without the Attack  but with some great flow– B

7. Dream Baby Dream – Made by the Boss for the punters, who deserve the best and get it – A

8. Love Game – Eminem – With Kendrick Lamar, who Eminem blows away most viciously. It is so hard to hate on Eminem, he is too good a rapper – A

9. Exodus – M.I.A. – I prefer the other stuff with M.I.A., the stuff which has everybody complaining where there are no melodies – B+

10. Love In stereo – Sky Ferreira – The best thing on her newbie is a hooky beauty – A-

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