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Hank Williams Bio Pic Starring Loki On Its Way

Tom looking the part

Tom looking the part

OK, Andre 3000 as Jimi, I guess, tall skinny black musicians, whatever right? But Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams???? I don’t see that at all. Look, I could be wrong you know: I thought Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash was the crappiest concept on Earth and look how that worked out but Loki as Hank Williams? And he is doing all his own singing. He’ll only bring me souvenirs, it’s only gonna end in tears… it sounds awful.

According to Billboard: “Tom Hiddleston will play country western singer Hank Williams in Marc Abraham’s “I Saw the Light,” which will chronicle the performer’s rise to fame and fame’s ultimately tragic effects.”

And what’s with the religious angle? Where does that come in already. Based on the Colin Escott 2004 biography, which has already been turned into a four hour PBS special, it is a straight up bio so, yeah, I don’t know what light has been seen.

I’ve noticed before that two things are strange beyond belief:

1. Seeing people you know in big movies


2. Seeing rock stars played by actors: Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis anybody?

Any good ones? How about “The Buddy Holly Story”, “La Bamba”… oh yeah and “I Walk The Line”… “24 Hour Party People”? But it has been awhile and this just doesn’t hit me as goodie…

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