Frank Ocean Sued By Chipotle For Backing Up From Commercial

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Ocean in Trouble

Remember this cute animated commercial for Chipotle with Fiona Apple’s sweet voice covering ‘Pure Imagination’? It looked like a Pixar animation trying to remake ‘Food Inc.’ and I loved it despite the fact I never go to Chipotle! I didn’t really buy the idea that they are purer than any other food chain,… actually two days ago the fast food chain declared: ‘Our goal is to eliminate GMOs from Chipotle’s ingredients, and we’re working hard to meet this challenge’, meaning they are not there yet.

But back to the commercial, we are now learning that Frank Ocean was first involved in the campaign. According to many websites, Chipotle is suing Ocean who backed out of the deal after receiving $212,500 in July 2013. He was supposed to received another $212,500  later but declared in August 2013 he would finally not participate in the project.

The problem is that the two parts disagree on what had been decided, Frank Ocean pretends that, when he was asked to participate in this project, he had been told that the thrust of the campaign was to promote responsible farming, local and sustainably-sourced food, while warning of the dangers of industrial farming. However, he did not know Chipotle’s logo would appear at the end of the commercial, and he backed up when the company showed him the final product with the logo. Of course, Chipotle denies that those were the terms of the contract and filled a suit on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

I am gonna say the obvious here, when Ocean accepted the money, what did he think? That Chipotle was a humanitarian organization and was basically doing this without any commercial interest? That Chipotle was paying him to do a video? I found his defense a bit naïve to say the least! For once, I believe this is a legitimate lawsuit, if he received this hefty amount of money and did not deliver, Chipotle has all the rights to get its money back.


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