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Courtney Love Won't Go Away

Hole Love

Hole Love

Hole had three good songs. Courntey Love has been in an out of headlines for decades, more for being an freak and for having been married to Kurt Cobain than for the work of her band.  A press darling hot mess who if she isnt on Twitter spreading her legs is abusing and robbing her kid or throwing shit at Madonna.  She went from fat to thin from heroin chic to glam doll and all the time – is a raging psychotic asshole who should be silenced but wont shut up.

At age 49 she insists upon tossing herself into media at any opportunity an army of PR professionals could never clear her name- ever.  Forever doomed as the psycho chick shes gotten too old for it to be cool.  Now she wants to make more music.  Good God, why?

It’s been 20 years since Cobain killed himself and he’s the only lucky one when it comes to this broad, at least he doesnt have to hear her anymore.

“We’re just doing a single at the moment and seeing what happens,” she told Kerrang! magazine. “I’m talking with the rest of the band about what we can come up with in the next year or so. Nothing has been set in stone but we’ve definitely jammed and contacted our old management, so the ball is certainly rolling.”

Someone please stop the ball.  Some insurance company or legal professional find a loop hole to prevent these old oxen from attempting this.  For the love of all that is pure and evil. No.

Speaking of Kurt- the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction had Courtney paired up with old Nirvana bandmates.  If there was ever any thought that Courtney is an intelligent being, dig this horrible quote (in context!) regarding Dave Grohl,

“The recent 20 year stuff has been really deep. It’s been really good, though. I hadn’t seen Krist [bassist] or Dave [Grohl] for 20 years! We were supposed to have meetings every month, but they never happened. I think we had a phone call once in, like, 1997. Seeing them was cathartic and really lovely,” she said.

“It’s amazing that we could take two decades of s**gging each other to the most extreme degrees and be done with it in one night… it’s a testament to the memory.”

What the fuck is ‘S**gging’?

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