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Could It Be? ‘Soul Train’ on Broadway!

souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul trayyyyyn

souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul trayyyyyn

Consider Rock of Ages the inspiration for the latest thought headed to Broadway.  That infamous dance show “Soul Train” could be chuggin down the great white way sooner than you think.

Mathew Weaver, one of the co-creators of Rock of Ages bought the theatrical rights and so it goes, “I’m nervous and I’m humbled and I’m excited,” said Weaver, who heads the production company MediaWeaver Entertainment. “I do think we’re the right people to do it because I think it’s got to have that spirit of ‘Rock of Ages,’ which is part old-fashioned musical but also part party.”

Soul Train was one of the first shows that opened up the ‘African American’ consumer market.  Targeting those who at the time were called ‘black’ was a show of fashion, culture, music and of course marketing.  It had no true competition until MTV and VH1 and of course BET.  Some of the greatest performers shook it on that show and with host Don Cornelious it was killer.

“‘Rock of Ages’ is an awesome show, but it’s not just because we have ‘Sister Christian’ and ‘Don’t Stop Believin” and serve liquor in the aisles that that show is still running five years later. It’s still running because we have a great story and great characters,” said Weaver.

“To me, that’s the heart of ‘Soul Train’ – a great story and great characters. The music will be great, the fashion will be great, the ambiance, the vibe. But if you don’t have a good story, none of that means anything.”

Done correctly this could be awesome!  Stay tuned.  Heres a cool clip from ’74- some of these moves were originally created by our own  Iman Lababedi.


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