Brian Wilson Has Recorded With Frank Ocean!

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The great man joins the modern age

The great man joins the modern age

It seems to me, Brian Wilson’s decision to make a new album featuring the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean and Kacey Musgraves is a great one… and except for Zooey all these names excite. Especially Frank Ocean, the only name here with real production chops that might work well in tandem with Wilson.

The thought of Wilson and Ocean working together on a track is a real thrill; Wilson could show Ocean how to really orchestrate songs of the caliber of “Super Rich Kids”, “Forrest Gump” and “Pyramid”. I am much less intrigued by Zooey singing with Brian, than Lana but all four artists, I mean, really, this sounds like a great idea.

But apparently my opinion is in the minority and there were many negative comments. According to Billiboard, Brian responded on his Facebook wall:

“To my fans: it kind of bums me out to see some of the negativity here about the album I’ve been working so hard on. In my life in music, I’ve been told too many times not to fuck with the formula, but as an artist it’s my job to do that – and I think I’ve earned that right.

I’m really proud of these new songs and to hear these great artists sing on them just blows me away. I love what we’ve done.

I would think that after making music for more than fifty years, my fans would understand that I’ll always do what’s in my heart – and I think that’s why you are my fans. So let’s just wait until the album comes out because I think you just might dig it as much as I do.

Love and Mercy, Brian”

Obviously, Wilson is 100% right amd how anyone dare question this genius is completely beyond me.

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