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Be Here Right Now: New Album First Reviews A day Early


With a handful of early releases, here is some before the early review reviews, two are retreads three are new reviews, all are pretty good without changing the world.

Mr. Wonderful – Action Bronson – Look, when it comes to white rappers better this Queens native then, say, Asher Roth. Bronson is seitive the way Kanye West is sensitive, it’s like there is a screw loosening, and Bronson raps like nobody else, he does sound nearly exactly three years agootherworldly in his originality. All the sample tracks are excellent, and with Bronson he always seems ready to have an emotional breakdown. mark ronson sounds better on his two tracks than he does on the entirety of his solo album. And Bronson is growing steadily in all directions from the first album. This is a makor label move by a guy who wants to try and keep it real when real is being white middle class and from left of Long Island – B+

Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit – Courtney Barnett – Look out kid, it’s something you did… Courtney would be the 21st century Bob Dylan if the only thing Dylan had written was “Subterranian Homesick Blues”. for one song, or even two, for the career making “Avant Gardener” or the other single “Predestrian At Place”, even the third  song on the album  “An Illustration Of Loneliness (Sleepless In New York)” (about the CMJ Fest apparently) are all powerful, wordy, deepy stories but by the time you reach the third song, Courtney’s speak sing gets a little draggy and then you start to wonder if “give me all your money, I’ll make you origami honey” actually say anything of interest. By the time she reaches the change ups near the end, “Kim’s caravan” and “Boxing day Blues”, it is too late and any way she drones stuff down instead of melodying em up. Still, I did mention her songs in the same breadth as “Subterranian Homesick Blues” – B+

I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go – Earl Sweatshirt – The first time I saw Earl was at the great Odd Future Hammerstein coming of age gig and since than I’ve liked Doris, his debut album, a great deal, and admired his solo gigs. This is more of the same, more or les,s less dirgy and downer than he can be, still it is hard pressured horrorcore stuff and while it doesn’t shake you up entirely, it sure does disquiet you. I recommend a collobaroation with Frank Ocean -their sounds were made for each other because, horrorcore or not Sweatshirt has the genes of a poet – B+

Short Movie – Laura Marling – The Laura goes electric line of thought is something of a dead end street. Consider Short moview, a year in the life of a woman who doesn’t know what she wants but knows it isn’t me – A-

Duets: Reworking The Catalogue – Van Morrison – This isn’t a masterpiece and it isn’t a correction, but for fans it is a tug on the sleeve, a reminder of stuff we aren’t listening to right now – A-


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