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Be Here Now: New Album Reviews 2-24-15


Album Of The Week, February 23rd, 2015

The Order Of Things – All That Remains – Hardcore with songs that emege out of the power and steel and then go away again, “This Probably Won’t End Well” is a great song  – B-

Dark Sky Paradise – Big Sean – More bragging by a good rapper, with a lotta friends (Drake, Kanye, etc) who has always been annoying and here reaches the place where you just wish he’d stop. Exception? “Research” is a funny dis and the song for his Grandma makes you happy he doesn’t spend more of his time being self-effacing – C+

The Killer Instinct – Black Star Riders – Ricky Warwick sounds enough like Phil Lynott to tug your memory and not enough to sound like a copy, and this band, first a very late Thin Lizzy band and now a foil for Scott Gorham’s lead guitar, made the right choice in changing the band name. without the baggage, or at least without too much of the baggage, you can appreciate it as very good, old time hard rock despite a coupla dogs. Much better than 2013’s effort, the boys may well be back in town… the title track is a must hear  – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

Gliss Riffer – Dan Deacon – His second goodie in  a row, this is first rate electronic weirdness but with a song underneath it somewhere – B+

Yard work – Drug Cabin – From the guy behind Pretty Girls Makes Graves, this is emo indie pop from L.A. and it is excellent, Not a dog in the lot and every song announces inself. Start with “Baywatch” and you won’t stop till the end. A coupla change ups might have been nice but it wouldn’t have been THAT nice – B+

O Shudder – Dutch Uncle – quirky in a new wavey sorta way but with more electronic doo dahs – B

We Fall – Emilie Hayne – Hayne sounds an awful like the people who are guesting on his tracks, not surprising for a producer, “Who To Blame” sounds like Randy Newman, “Little Ballarina” sounds like Rufus Wainwright, “Wait for Life” like Lana Del Rey. A neat trick but the songs aren’t strong enough to matter enough… except for the Charlotte Gainsbourg one. Another problem, his voice is ugly  – C+

Just Like You – Falling In Reverse – rock ordinaire which can explode from time to time, the vocal on “Sexy Drug” is especially good – B-

Future Brown – Future Brown  – Very impressive production band release an album experimental and rooted and moving from sound to sound, with at least one great chick rapper on top, Tink. Very impressive stuff but it may take a while to sink in — B+

What Happens Next – Gang Of Four – still agitating, still angry, but here with less prettiness to make it go down easily (which wasn’t working any way), they’re still tourists at home and when Allisson Mossheart adds her voice you might wish she’d join full time. Good? It has its moments – B

Playmates – Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Aussie who sounds like Nick Cave, you know, borderline bass, and Sharon Van Etten joins him on a coupla tracks. Not bad but a snooze at its best – C+

Complicated Game – James McMurty – The album name comes from the albums best song “She Loves Me”, another place, where, the literate son to his father, writes gripping lyric with obvious Americana… just less obvious than usual – B

Sunday Dinner – Keath Mead – Sweet power pop album – B

First Kiss – Kid Rock – The title track is a dog but the rest of it is powerful albeit by the numbers Southern rockers – B

Don’t be Long – Make Do and Mend – Not bad, but too much emo-core stuff out this week to leave an impression – C+

Just Kids -Matt Kearney – Singer songwriter modern style, better than I thought it would be – C+

Misterwives – Indie popstars do well early, the title track and “Not Your way” are pretty good, but by the time you reach the three quarter mark, “Imagination Infatuation” is too rickiety clickety,  and they begin to merge into each other – C+

Lost Isle – Oceans Ate Alaska -The purist core we’ve heard this week… from Birmingham, England – B-

Restoring Force: Full Circle – Of Mice And Men – And more core, great singer – B-

Revolution Saints – Revolution Saints – 80s style hard rock, Neal Schon shows up on one song,  it doesn’t help matters much but they are the sprt of band who thought it might  – C-

The Republic – Sam Prekop – Ambient music… no, really really – B-

True Prayer – Santiparro – very lovely singer songwriter stuff, all acoustic sweetness – B

Heed The Call – Scout Paré Phillips – This woman has an incredible voice, it is an operatic soprano which seems to cling to the songs like Klaus Nomi or something though the instrumentation is more indie folk then that. A great meeting in the middle – B+

Rose Mountain – Screaming Females – It isn’t all “Wishing well” but still, “Wishing Well” is great – B+

Dope Machine – The Airborne Toxic Event – I keep thinking I should like these guys more than I do, the title track is excellent, mainstream rockers with a brain, and I guess I do like em more than I do – B

The Door Behind The Door – The Black Ryder – Enormously impressive mood rock from Sydney, it clicks you into a place very powerfully… gorgeous at times – B+

Citizen Zombie – The Pop Group -Agitprop same as it always was though a little dirtier – B+

Earthee – THEESatisfaction – Acquired taste eperimental r&b… I need a little time but on first listen – C+


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