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Following The Passing Of Florian Schneider, Fun, fun, fun at the Autobahn ‘till her daddy takes the T-bird away. Or how I finally discovered the passion behind Kraftwerk From 2009

By Mike Nessing | May 7, 2020

hot kiss at the end of a wet fist

rock nyc’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration: Power To Paul Weller by Mike Nessing

By Mike Nessing | February 18, 2019

a band that can get it done

Oldies But Goldies: The Kinks As Hillbillies

By Mike Nessing | June 3, 2016

An absolute sales disaster

Oldies But Goldies: John Lennon Live In Concert, Part One

By Mike Nessing | May 12, 2016

in which Doris gets her oats… again

Oldies But Goldies: Gene Clark Remembered…. In 2009

By Mike Nessing | February 15, 2016

He has still yet to have his day in the spotlight.

Oldies But Goldies: Mike Nessing On Judee Sill

By Mike Nessing | December 18, 2015

Mike Nessing writes about the short, lustrously creative life of Judee Sill. Back in 2009 Still reads like a dream

David Bowie's "The Next Day" Reviewed

By Mike Nessing | March 8, 2013

In fact the first six songs taken collectively are so strong you start to think that Bowie has delivered something that would rival his greatest achievements. But things get a little uneven in the middle before the last four tunes rally the set to a fine conclusion.

Rockpile's "Live At Montreux 1980" Reviewed

By Mike Nessing | September 24, 2011

trapped in a big metal box

Double Pack With A Photograph

By Mike Nessing | July 30, 2011

“Is all this necessary?” Well, it depends

'80's buried treasures-Split Enz-"Time And Tide"

By Mike Nessing | July 1, 2011

the band merged pop sensibility with melodic sophistication

"Big Plans For Everybody" by Let's Active Reconsidered

By Mike Nessing | June 15, 2011

nothing less than a defining moment in the history of American pop

The Replacements – Rock and Roll's last good "Dose Of Thunder

By Mike Nessing | May 28, 2011

The Replacements were that all too rare combination of attitude , flippancy and spirit.

"Better Than The Beatles": Meet The Shaggs

By Mike Nessing | May 21, 2011

Their’s is a music that defies description

Bonus tracks announced for the second wave of Queen remasters

By Mike Nessing | May 8, 2011

Despite containing perhaps theit biggest and best single ever, the double A sided “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”, the LP as a whole struggles as the band begins to show signs that they’re running out of ideas

Two things I heard this week that blew me away

By Mike Nessing | May 7, 2011

“So In Love” had me hooked from the git-go with it’s astonishing old school R&B styling

Fleet Foxe's: "Helplessness Blues"

By Mike Nessing | May 4, 2011

Of a time when people got together and sang songs because that was their only entertainment

The Future Was Re-Written: How “Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg” became “Combat Rock”

By Mike Nessing | April 5, 2011

With the working title of “Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg”, the original mix featured longer song versions

Queen Box Set Reviewed

By Mike Nessing | March 29, 2011

The box set serves as a document of the band’s high water mark

Box of Vision-For The Anal Retentive Music Fan

By Mike Nessing | March 23, 2011

The most recent Dylan one sells for …wait for it…. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS! FOR A BOX WITH NO RECORDS IN IT!

The Gloriousness that is King Crimson’s “Islands”

By Mike Nessing | March 22, 2011

The heavy metal fans certainly have plenty to like

Touring Turtles:Volman and Kaylan Are Back

By Mike Nessing | March 18, 2011

Rumors still persist that both Volman and Kaylan are in negotiations with Dweezil Zappa to appear in his “Zappa plays Zappa” touring ensemble.

Butcher Beatles "Yesterday and Today"

By Mike Nessing | March 18, 2011

A sealed copy however, is an entirely different animal as it essentially confirms itself as one of the original 5000.

The Beach Boys "Smile"

By Mike Nessing | March 12, 2011

enough to make me want to jump and weep for joy

Thoughts On R.E.M.'s Decision Not To Tour

By Mike Nessing | March 11, 2011

we may yet see a triumphant return to the stage

The Who From Lifehouse To Quadrophenia

By Mike Nessing | March 8, 2011

That period being approximately 1970-1973 that begins with Pete Townshend’s aborted “Lifehouse” project, and concluding with the recording and release of 1973’s “Quadrophenia

Arthur Lee's Love News Release

By Mike Nessing | March 4, 2011

“Black Beauty” is slated to hit store shelves on June 7th.

Nigel Tufnel Day?

By Mike Nessing | March 1, 2011

have you ever met anyone who actually hate Spinal Tap?

Crank up yer Victrola Grandma, it’s The Beach Boys

By Mike Nessing | February 25, 2011

The release also adds fuel to the smoldering fire that suggests that Capitol Records has a plan at least in principle to release the unfinished SMiLE tapes as a box set or some other format

AXE VICTIM-Bill Nelson rejected stardom while creating some of the greatest rock music of the 1970’s

By Mike Nessing | February 22, 2011

It took only one album for Nelson to shed his “pretty skin”

More Nick Lowe News

By Mike Nessing | February 16, 2011

More “Labour Of Lust”

When Elvis Was King-The "Trust " Sessions

By Mike Nessing | February 15, 2011

it is here on this record where we are treated to the most consistent balance between future experimentation and the immediate punch of his earliest works.

Unreleased Gene Clark

By Mike Nessing | February 14, 2011

the mere fact that it still exists and has never been heard gives the acetate immediate “lost album” status.

Ultimate Desert Island Discs!

By Mike Nessing | February 13, 2011

this thing never stood a chance