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10 Songs: Thursday, June 4th, 2015


1 – Family Bible – Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard – One of Willie’s earliest songs, written in 1957 and sold to the highest bidder, it sure sounds like a standard now. This is a pleasant take on it, especially the way he sings “i can hear my mother softly singing….” – B

2 – B a Nobody – Soak –  The 17 year old wunderkind makes teenage angst a personality test, this one takes awhile to reach the chorus, but once it does it pays off nicely – B

3 – Open Fire – The Darkness – One of those bands we love to hate, like Limp Bizkit, because they can’t sell their glam rock metal boom hard enough – C+

4 – The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) – U2 – Wouldn’t be a good song even if it was a good song because it has nothing to do with Joey, but it isn’t good so we don’t have to worry about that at all – C-

5 – Girl – Jamie xx – Deep and blue, heavy thump and sighs and flies where you expect the vocal track, like much on his new album it sounds like ambient by other means, like a third of bi-polar album, yes it goods, but where do you listen to it – B

6 – Little Rascals – Sun Kil Moon – Clever, I’m gonna call him Sun Kil Barnett – C+

7 – Daydreaming – Simply Red – The song is pretty good till the vocals come in – C

8 – I Speak Because I Can – Laura Marling – Shepherding the most disappointing album of the year, here she reminds me what she could do when she was eighteen years old – A

9 – Happiness – Ben Lee – The man is on drugs – B

10 – Bleeding All Over You – Martha Wainwright – From her masterpiece of adultery and loss… it is amazing she could’ve been so great for a blink of the eye and never returned to it again –


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