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Watch (Or Not) The Latest Flaming Lips-Miley Cyrus Collaboration


Under-the-influence Miley

Is this the final straw that will break the camel’s back? Or just another episode in Wayne Coyne’s midlife crisis? What happened? I used to think the Flaming Lips’ music had some meaning but honestly the last antics of frontman Wayne are really hard to swallow. After the native American headdress episode, the firing of the Flaming Lips’ long-time drummer, Kliph Scurlock, who according to Wayne ‘just wasn’t a very significant musical part of the Flaming Lips anyway’, after all this non sense on Instagram (from which he has been kicked off twice) and these endless internet fights with other musicians, on Monday, he shared with us his latest creation, or the result of his bottomless friendship with pop-star Miley Cyrus.

It’s better to let Wayne do the explanation, because honestly I would prefer not taking such a risk:

‘The video story is something like this: Moby is an evil, power-hungry cult leader. He wants the world’s most valuable (according to our story) psychedelic supernatural possession… John F. Kennedy’s brain….the brain contains the original formula for the drug LSD!!!

Miley Cyrus has the magic brain!!! And Moby enlists a nympho Manson girl-type blonde superfreak to go steel the brain from Cyrus.

She steals the brain from Cyrus while Cyrus is still in bed in a drug-induced coma. Cyrus finally wakes up and is mega-pissed that her BRAIN has been stolen. She enlists a burned-faced Santa and a lesbian Bigfoot (that are hovering in a nearby spaceship) to hunt down the blond superfreak that stole her brain. They have a relentless pursuit, all the while Cyrus laments the loss of her magic brain and Moby gains powerful rainbows from hell. In the end, the blond superfreak kills Santa and Bigfoot and a baby mole ends up with the brain…”

Oh yeah. And the Flaming Lips are disguised as rainbows, mushrooms and flowers watching from the sky room where a giant diamond explosion happens.’

Did you follow? Honestly, is this supposed to entertain anyone? And how much acid should I take to enjoy anything of the video? Wait, if I take acid, I don’t need the video. Beside the fact that I can’t stand Cyrus and her enormous mouth for even for a second, the whole thing is unbearable to watch. Too many rainbows, too many glitter explosions with naked women, too much of that slimy brain, too much Pepto-Bismol-vomit gooey-ing from eye-lashed black lips…

Plus, to celebrate this accomplishment, Wayne Coyne (53), his girlfriend (? I’d say 20 something) and Miley Cyrus (21) got ‘With a little help from my fwends’ matching tattoos… and posted the whole deal on Instagram… another proof of Coyne’s amazing maturity, as he is always desperately trying to stay relevant to the youth.

At least, if this were a video for a new song, I would forgive them about the nonsense, but where is the music? There’s none and the Lips apparently have decided they were artsy film directors now. But Wayne, sorry you are no Ken Russell! R.I.P. The Flaming Lips.

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