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The SPD Releases New Pictures Of Kurt Cobain's Body And Gets A Lawsuit


This new photo of Kurt Cobain’s body was released on Friday

I can’t get over the Kurt Cobain’s story, everywhere I go on the internet I see new details/pictures/articles/threads about his death, which happened exactly 20 years ago. Also, the fact that the police is releasing new photos every other day doesn’t help. On Friday, two new pictures surfaced online and this time you could even see parts of Kurt Cobain’s body, on one picture, his arm wearing a medical bracelet (he had just come out of rehab in Los Angeles), with his pocket jean turned inside out, and on another picture, his foot against the box of shotgun shells. Again, it is so bizarre that these pictures were left undeveloped for 20 years but are suddenly made public,… we have to wonder what will come next? Another one showing the entire body? his head? This is morbid curiosity and even people who are saying they are outraged to see those pix are clicking on the page to look at them.

But there is another development in the story: Richard Lee, a self-described investigative journalist who has always proclaimed that Kurt Cobain was murdered, is suing the Seattle Police Department on the basis that these pictures should have been released a long time ago, and is requesting a trial on ‘broad issues related to police disclosure in the Cobain case’ that go beyond these photos.

I have to say that Richard Lee gives bad press to people who are trying to find the truth in this sort of cases, to give you a taste of this curious character, this is how the Stranger described one of his numerous and very public interventions:

‘If you have ever been in Seattle among a random crowd of people downtown–or at a book reading, a city council hearing, or even the Wallingford QFC–when a scruffy, pale, sweater-wearing, ponytailed guy with a camcorder and an irritatingly pedantic voice starts shouting and accusing whoever is in front of him of being a goon or a fascist, then you’ve seen Lee, a self-described “top political reporter,” hard at work, uncovering the clues that will eventually break the Cobain case wide open.’

He doesn’t sound credible at all, has a totally aggressive behavior, was arrested in LA at a court hearing for Courtney Love, and even Krist Novoselic requested a restraining order against him. He had a public access TV show called ‘Kurt Cobain was murdered’ and a website to go with, which has now disappeared but was saved here… so now he is suing the police? That’s silly! But he is a silly man, and people who want justice for Kurt don’t want to have anything to do with him.

According to Seattle PI, the state law requires that government agencies which fail to disclose releasable records pay $5 to $100 per day, per document, for the delay, which would translate to a sum between $36,500 to $730,000. Yeah, sure it’s gonna happen, and I couldn’t find a similar case, usually the police is sued for releasing too much info!

This is sad when crazy people hijacks a story which should be looked at more closely, on one side there is the police’s stubbornness which will never re-examine the case, on the other side, there is this zany character bringing scandal and insanity every time he makes an apparition, alienating everyone by the same occasion, even Duff McKagan got a shot at it. Poor Kurt who is losing all over again.

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