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Temp Run Revised: A Runner Counts The Beats Of Your Heart!

Keep the tempo up

Tempo Run – Altered the original playlist slightly. Added Katy Perry because my heart rate elevated too quickly and Roar does not have as many BPMs as some of the other songs. Removed Van Halen Running With the Devil because it just did not work with the rest of the mix. Added I’m on Fire at the end because I needed a cool down song. Included a sample of the lyrics to most songs because when you are exercising, running specifically, the words really do matter. Tempo Run 1 – give it a try.
Introduction / Thousand Foot Krutch – is a Canadian Christian rock band. Who do I go to for high intensity workout music? Kickass athletes! Debbie, a former labor and delivery nurse turned personal trainer, only listens to Christian rock. I have never listened to mainstream Christian music before until very recently. God’s Great Dance Floor and Come to the River made it to my playlist a few months back and I love both songs but I never would have thought that Christian rock could be like listening to a rock band or even hard rock. Introduction is a great song to frame a workout … Welcome, You have activated all systems. Deactivation is not an option. You must find the truth. Remember, not everything is what it seems. If you don’t stand for something, You might fall for anything. …The End Is Where We Begin

Roar / Katy Perry – was submitted by several female runners. Roar does not affect me like similar girl power songs but as a warm-up it works well transitioning from moderate to elevated heart rate. This song was not included in my original list today but I added it in because … it was needed. You held me down, but I got up (HEY!). Already brushing off the dust. You hear my voice, you hear that sound? Like thunder gonna shake the ground. You held me down but I got up (HEY!) Get ready cause I’ve had enough. I see it all. I see it now. Yep. Girl power!

My Songs Know What You did in the Dark / Fallout Boy – was submitted by high school student, Aileen. Sometimes I am a little judgmental about a song before listening to it. Wasn’t sure if this one had the muscles I was wanting but I was pleasantly surprised. Randomly selected several times, this song took me from elevated heart to high intensity. It’s a really fun song and deserves a spot in the Tempo Mix. Certainly gave me the spark I needed to ignite.

God’s Great Dance Floor / Chris Tomlin – stole this song from my friend Iman’s Best of 2013 list and I love it! It is so upbeat and positive. You’ll never stop loving us, no matter how far we RUN, You’ll never give up on us. All of heaven shouts: let the future begin, let the future begin. I feel alive, I come alive. I am alive on God’s great dance floor.

Little Bad Girl / David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris – EDM? What the heck is that, Iman? Well, now I know. Been working out to electronic dance music for over two weeks – running faster than usual (like a race), spinning and climbing stadium steps. If you are bored with your workout give EDM a try. Little Bad Girl is a visual song for me. Imagine myself dancing (instead of running) and I am shaking my ass from the left to the right because at this point my heart rate is high and what I want is for the run to be over (getting your heart rate comfortably elevated/warm-up is the worst part of a run) … she got my heart jumpin’, and my adrenaline pumpin’ and gunnin’, like ain’t nobody ever seen (seen seen seen) as a matter of of fact I’ve seen this woman all up in my dreams.

Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) / A. R. Rahman – I was turned on to Jai Ho! by my sister-in-law years ago but I prefer this version. There is a point in every run where my form will start to fall apart because it is getting harder to breathe. It is important to keep good form and steady breathing throughout the run. The quicker tempo reminds me to pick up my legs and the more moderate beat allows me to keep my breathing steady … I got fever runnin like a fire, for you I will go all the way, I’m gonna take you higher (Jai ho). I keep it steady ‘cause steady that’s how I do it (Jai ho). The beat is heavy you gonna feel it (Jai ho). You are the reason I breathe (Jai ho), You are the reason I still believe (Jai ho), You are my destiny, Jai hooooooo

Invincible / Skillet – is another Christian rock band. The lyrics say it all. Great running song! To be invincible, Is unattainable, Without sacrifice. Feel, feel the birth inside, The life that cannot die. Are you invincible?

Spectrum / Zedd – Love this song forwarded by my younger generation of fitness buffs. It is moderate to high intensity reminding me to run, breathe … slows me down a bit without losing momentum. We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, Hide where love can save us, I will never let you go. Breathing you in when I want you out, Finding our truth in a hope of doubt, Lying inside our quiet drama …

Every Chance We Get We Run / David Guetta feat. Tegan & Sara – more EDM. This is one of my favorite new running songs. It’s fun, upbeat and keeps me running … We are born, We love this on our own, But every chance we get we run, Every chance we get we run. We are shown, We live this on our own, But every chance we get we run, Every chance we get we run …
300 Violin Orchestra / Jorge Quintero – is another song submitted by my younger generation. This song is FANTASTIC! It is perfect towards the end of the run. There are no lyrics, purely instrumental with a continuous beat … pushing me to a strong finish. Great for running or spinning

Outroduction / Thousand Foot Krutch – … This is the main frame, From here survival is up to you. Choose your decisions wisely. Change starts with us. Remember if you don’t stand for something you might fall for anything because … The End Is Where We Begin

I’m on Fire / Slightly Stupid – cooling it down … Only you can cool my desire, hmm I’m on fire, Hmmm I’m on fire, Hmmm I’m on fire …

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