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Here It Is: The A+ List – The Single Best Song By The Biggest Artists!!!

Their greatest moment
























Substitute – The Who – Before all the heaviness of Tommy or even A Quick One, or even “My Generation”, there was the distilled fury of this teenage misogy and displacement. Freud would have a lot to say.

Cape Canaveral – The first song on his only solo album, is such a deeply tossing and turning nightmare as he considers the ramifications of a woman’s abortion. I still say “cheap seats” instead of “nosebleeds”.

19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones – Never before and never again would either the Stones or anyone else capture Swinging London so perfectly. Jagger’s best lyrics: “you’re the kind of person you neet at certain dismal dull affairs….” wow

What Goes Around… Comes Around – Justin Timberlake – Nothing on his new double has this much heart-well, maybe “Mirrors” but this is better.

I Still Miss Some One – Johnny Cash – Sure, you could argue with me on this one, I get it, but this one has no baggage.

I Can’t Help It – Hank Williams – 60 years later, country ballads hark back right here.

… And Ever – Titus Andronicus – Patrick wrote my epithet, “I’m worthless and weak and I’m sick and I’m scared and the enemy is everywhere”. That’s precisely how I feel.

State of Grace – Taylor Swift – In which Taylor grows up but that isn’t why it is great, it is great because it eschews sex for passion and thereby allows her the comfort of acting her age and her audience the comfort of staying with her.


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