Worcester Palladium

Real Friends Worcester Palladium MA Tuesday April 15th 2014

By admin | April 19, 2014

It was the craziest crowd I’d seen in a really long time. The passion of the fans mixed with the energy and the thumping background music they had, it was intense and I was glad I wasn’t in the crowd because I would’ve been terrified

Modern Baseball, Worcester Palladium, MA, Tuesday, April 15th 2014 Reviewed

By admin | April 18, 2014

The sound was flawless and even with everyone singing along, you could make out all the little details of the song. Seeing it live made me appreciate it even more, and I never wanted their set to end

The Wonder Years Worcester Palladium MA Tuesday April 15 2014

By admin | April 17, 2014

Anyone singing along around me was on the verge of tears, and rightfully so. This band was making us feel something, and regardless of anything outside of the venue, we were all feeling it together.

Suicidal Tendencies, Worcester Palladium Sunday April 21, 2013

By Magpie and Hel | April 25, 2013

When it was time for em to get on stage, the Suicidal Tendencies backdrop was raised, the drum kit was ready, and the crowd was chanting “S-T, S-T” with some sillier members of the crowd adding “D” for a joke. Everyone knew this was the last band of the whole thing, the final hoorah, the big one everyone’d been waiting for

New England Hardcore and Metalfest 2013 Reviewed

By Magpie and Hel | April 24, 2013

I find the roughest shows at this venue and I started off pretty damn concerned Id break a nail or something. Yes there was blood and no it wasnt mine and yes when there was an unfortunate event security was there to HELP.

Anthrax Worcester Palladium Friday April 19, 2013

By Magpie and Hel | April 24, 2013

What the point is on this one is this band was able to take a indifferent listener (myself) and actually change me to an Anthrax fan. Not easy to do when I can be so cynical but I admire their diligence and the consistency. there was none of the proverbial ‘dick wagging’ you so often see in hard rock.

Silverstei​n Worcester Palladium Friday, August 24th, 2012, Reviewed

By admin | August 28, 2012

Silverstein was a band that I basically grew up with. I remember having their poster on my wall in seventh grade, and listening to them and Hawthorne Heights in my bedroom, pretending I was at a show. I purposely didn’t listen to any of their more recent stuff because I wanted to hear it live first.

Lions Lions Worcester Palladium Friday, August 24th, 2012

By Helen Bach | August 26, 2012

I wasn’t there for ambience I was there for Lions Lions. The Boston based ‘post hardcore’ band who has been getting a whole lot of attention in the local scene lately and who’s album “To Carve Our Names” has been on repeat with me for awhile.

Theyre Trying To Demolish A Dream: The Worcester Palladium

By Helen Bach | June 11, 2012

We need those security guards to push us of the ledges and throw the freaks out the side doors. WE NEED THE SITE LINE OF THE SOUND BOARD AREA!!