Television Lite

Television Lite; August 11th – August 15th, 2014

By Helen Bach | August 9, 2014

Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift. There you have it- the stand outs of the week and perhaps I should spell that weak. There are some other cool bits though. Mikhail Baryshnikov (who my mom had a massive crush on) is on Tavis (say who?) and Jimmy Kimmel sits his ass on Kelly and Michael. What a drag that is. Meh, carry on.

Television Lite: August 4th – August 8th, 2014

By Helen Bach | August 3, 2014

I am hopeful that things improve in the fall but that’s so far off. So until then, grab a blanket and a picnic basket and go out to your local park for a free concert- screw the TV its not worth your time.

Television Lite July 28th – August 1st, 2014

By Helen Bach | July 27, 2014

BAM! There goes July. August is right there- dont miss it or you’ll be sobbing ‘where did the summer go?’ Get out there, get a sunburn, drink too much booze, sweat til your clothes stick to you, run through a garden hose… watch Jenny Lewis?

Television Lite; July 14th – July 18th, 2014

By Helen Bach | July 13, 2014

Lil Jon! That’s about it my dears. A guy whose voice sounds so pissed off its terrifying is sitting down on the interview couch this week to intimidate Wendy Williams (who is pretty beast come to think of it). There is also Phish, who should give Fallon a contact high (and maybe you at home as well) with their jam band nonsense

Television Lite: July 9th – July 13th, 2014

By Helen Bach | July 6, 2014

Well guys the holiday weekend is done and its back to work. You’ll be getting plenty of sleep this week and your dvr gets a nice break since Americas talk shows are in their summer funk (which then becomes an autumn funk, winter funk.. spring funk)

Television Lite: June 30th – July 4th, 2014

By Helen Bach | June 29, 2014

If youre a regular joe working class stiff the only thing good about this week is that its a 4 day run til you can get the hell out of your job and go drink or sleep. Americans will cook on a grill wave a flag and puke up Coors in the name of Freedom.

Television Lite June 23nd – June 27th, 2014

By Helen Bach | June 22, 2014

Summer is in full swing and you should be outside around a bonfire or something. Instead you’re munching Cheetos from a bag in your underwear with the air conditioner on full blast suffering from insomnia as you worry about your job or some other nonsense.

Television Lite: June 16th – June 20th 2014

By Helen Bach | June 15, 2014

Silly that ‘late night’ TV has become such a drag When you’re up late at night with insomnia you should be treated to new sounds and disturbing images not the same artists who appear in soda commercials. Unfortunately thats not the case at al

Television Lite June 9th – June 13th, 2014

By Helen Bach | June 8, 2014

Fall Out Boy is on Ellen. That’s the oddest thing to me. Pop punk old men are sitting on her couch. Im not sure why I find this so striking, they’re not exactly ‘Alternative’ but for some reason I still consider them lesser known.. I have a mental block with them.

Television Lite: May 5th – May 9th, 2014

By Helen Bach | May 5, 2014

All we can do is hope its better than the past few which have sucked at levels never before known to man. Summer is coming right? Cuz it’s been 40 degrees and raining in the NorthEast and if it doest change soon there will be hell to pa.

Television Lite March 31st – April 4th, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 31, 2014

Remember there are alternatives such as sleeping or reading or Netflix or hey how about heading out and seeing a live band? Just a thought.

Television Lite March 17th – March 21st, 2014

By Helen Bach | March 16, 2014

I am so thrilled for them and so psyched to have seen these guys live, its just the coolest thing ever and if you cant stay awake – then set your damn DVR. Other than that, the week is crap.

Television Lite: October 14th – October 18th, 2013

By Helen Bach | October 13, 2013

Guys, you’re not going to believe this… more Cee Lo Greene. That gumball head is back with his ass on every talk show couch. Why? What the hell is with the booking agents of these shows that makes this jerk a draw?