No Devotion

Lost Prophets Bandmates "Would Have Killed" Ian Watkins, If They Knew His Secret

By Helen Bach | August 2, 2014

The band Lost Prophets lost their lead singer Ian Watkins to the court system when it was discovered d he had attempted sexual relationships with an eleven month old girl. Tough convincing that lot to come to your rock shows so best way to make it with the ladies is to convince their mothers to sacrifice them to your rock and roll alter

Lostprophets No More, Introducing No Devotion

By Helen Bach | July 6, 2014

Since the band was done and Watkins ended up in the clink there the question remained… now what? Well it didn’t take long to find out what. Wisely rising up from the diaper mess is a new band called No Devotion. A fresh start so to speak and a band who would be getting zero attention if not for their uncomfortable past.