Interviews 2013

"Lavinia's Revenge" Director David Miller Interviewed: Magic And Mayhem At The Movies

By Iman Lababedi | August 23, 2013

What’s behind every illusion? Well, simply put, behind every illusion is an illusionist. An illusionist attempting to create something that will enable you, as an audience, to suspend your disbelief and accept the reality they’ve created

The Cult And Owl Bassist Chris Wyse Interview: Team Player With Session Man Chops

By Iman Lababedi | August 11, 2013

“Money for the Cult is now from touring and as you can see we tour extensively and for Owl we are more in the process of building the house and people are coming”

Joseph Steinhardt Of Modern Hut Interview: "The process was figuring out what to add without overpowering the emptiness"

By Iman Lababedi | August 7, 2013

What would you hope for Generic Treasure?

I don’t know actually.

Syd Mandelbaum Leads Rock And Wrap Its War On Poverty

By Iman Lababedi | August 3, 2013

“We have probably the leanest of staffs for what we do. And since 1991 we have fed over one billion people. “

The Moms' Q&A With New Jersey's Finest

By Magpie and Hel | August 3, 2013

“We try to bring back the “party” to rock and roll and if you ask around, you’ll find out that we get the biggest kick out of taking it too far.”

Marshall Crenshaw Remembers: "I’ve Lived A Life As An Artist And I’m Still At It"

By Iman Lababedi | June 29, 2013

If I don’t keep creating new stuff then my mental health will suffer so this is the way for me go forward creating new stuff. I have to do it for my own sanity and own soul

Marshall Crenshaw To Play Box Top's "The Letter" And More At Big Star Tribute At Summerstage On Sunday

By Iman Lababedi | June 27, 2013

“I’m wondering if Big Star fans don’t just love everything, including the artsy quirky Third album”

In 1981 I Interviewed Paul Simonon Of The Clash For Creem… Now Read On!!!

By Iman Lababedi | June 18, 2013

“We’re just highlighting facts 
about things that are happening, and things 
that affect us”

Interview With Levi Benton of Miss May I

By admin | June 15, 2013

A beacon of energy when on stage, when I was going to talk to him, he was soft spoken and it certainly caught me off guard.

Caleb Quaye: A "Musicianary" Talks His New Album Exclusively With rock nyc

By Jack Phillips | June 3, 2013

“Often I am asked to play some “special music” in church for communion or prayer times and this is the kind of music that people were requesting so it was done entirely at home during times of inspiration!”

Young Money's Latest Signing Chanel West Coast Visits rock nyc

By Iman Lababedi | May 24, 2013

The hard thing to keep in sight is that she is a self-made woman. In press releases and MTV shows, there are two realities sort of colliding but speaking to her, she’s just a kid who has worked very very hard to put herself in a position to succeed

Interview with Anna Worstell of Five Knives

By admin | May 13, 2013

This badass Britney Spears-loving frontwoman was so kind and softspoken that I walked away eager to see her transform into the singer of Five Knives I’ve seen in the videos, all hardcore and powerful. To be honest, it’s a total inspiration

Exclusive: Eric Ambel Discusses New York's the Del Lords First Album In 23 Years

By Robert L Ross | May 3, 2013

We were rock and roll; we had come from punk rock backgrounds, but really, there’s different ways to look at the punk rock thing. And the way I think me and Scott looked at it from where we had been was that it was the real rock and roll at that time. What was rock and roll had failed us and this was the needed thing for rock and roll.

Dom La Nena Interview: The Cello As Solo Instrument

By Alex Baker | April 4, 2013

When I thought about composing the songs I didn’t think it was possible to do it with only the cello, but when I stated writing I realized it was. I began to create loops and layers with only the cello, and arrived at a really layered sound and my own little orchestra

Brooklyn Dance And Indie Band People Get Ready Interviewed: "I Don't Think I've Ever Said That Before In Public"

By Iman Lababedi | January 14, 2013

“You have us moving around and we’re also singing and their making noises and they’re swinging stuff around and that’s making noise and so all these things are part of a real sonic landscape that is made up of both movement and music.”