Robert L Ross

rock nyc Comes Alive Presents Cheri Dahl At A Vacant Storefront, 54 Crosby St,

By Robert L Ross | May 20, 2013

I kept hearing a combination of Deborah Harry and Ronnie Spector, by virtue of the power in her voice. And that was the key – the power in her voice. It was a close-your-eyes moment as she sang

The Del Lord's "Elvis Club" Reviewed

By Robert L Ross | May 4, 2013

Sounding as fresh as ever and full of life’s experiences, “Elvis Club” is an instant pleaser

Exclusive: Eric Ambel Discusses New York's the Del Lords First Album In 23 Years

By Robert L Ross | May 3, 2013

We were rock and roll; we had come from punk rock backgrounds, but really, there’s different ways to look at the punk rock thing. And the way I think me and Scott looked at it from where we had been was that it was the real rock and roll at that time. What was rock and roll had failed us and this was the needed thing for rock and roll.