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The Moms' Q&A With New Jersey's Finest

Look Busy- The Mom’s Are Here


















The Moms are an intense and energetic trio.  The New Jersey-based rock group have genuinely impressed us and apparently many others, being now signed to Paper and Plastick Records.  We got the chance to do an interview via email with the guys, which only furthered our love for them and their passion towards their work.

Drummer Donny Saraceno was our roving reporter last Summer taking us behind the scenes of a touring band.  It’s fabulous to see how they continue to grow.  They may be The Moms, but they’ll always be the sons of us here at rocknyc…

 rocknyc: You guys have an absolutely fantastic sound, specifically the vocals and their rough edge.  Who do you draw inspiration from?  I’ve heard comparisons to Jessie Lacey from Brand New and Joyce Manor as well.  Opinions on that?

Donny: Thanks! Thanks very much, we have also heard those comparisons. I think there is a slight influence of Lacey subconsciously only because we were all pretty into the Brand New records at one point or another.  I can’t say Joey (lead) or Jon (back up) do it on purpose. Joey listens to Joyce Manor but I wouldn’t say they play a significant role in his sound either.  I think it comes from a breadth of bands we listen to but we are also trying to have our own sound. Every voice is different and we try to cater to that .


rocknyc: Are any of you classically trained in your instrument?  The skill level and apparent mastery would suggest so.

Donny:  We all were active in our music programs in high school . Joey actually used to play bass in high school and Jon played the tuba! I (Donny) played snare in my marching band. We would all say that when it comes to what we do now, every thing you pick up in those programs is very valuable and pertains to any instrument. Joey had a few brief “lessons” on guitar and Jon did as well but we all took our instruments to the next level on our own. We gel together just because of the desire to. 

rocknyc: With the roughness of the vocals, do you ever get concerned with the longevity of your voice?  What do you do to keep it healthy?

Donny: Jon and Joey are always no worries! But along the first tour the boys realized something would need to be done just to maintain a voice. They have adapted a series of care items. Each day starts with lung tonic pills and throat coat lozenges . Followed by throat coat tea. When we get into the city we are playing each night they make some sort of cider with tons of honey and apple cider vinegar. Shits gross. They break open more lung tonic pills, shake and serve . For stage they sneak in a couple puffs off a throat spray as well as after the show. 

rocknyc: If you could play shows with any groups, who do you think you would tour well with?

Donny: We would love to tour with The Menzingers. We’re all pretty into them. We’ve played together up here in Stanhope on Jon’s birthday. We’d love to play with Cheap Girls again as well. Any of the other Paper and Plastick bands really, there’s a lot of talent on the team for sure. 

rocknyc: How does it feel to get signed to Paper and Plastick? (Congrats by the way!!)

Donny: ah! Thank you ! It feels great. We had hoped to be in this place for quite some time so we are really hyped. We are into the label and what they do as well as the bands they have. 

rocknyc: What’re your next big plans?

Donny: Right now we are putting our fall/winter tour together en route to our Fest appearance this Halloween! We encourage everyone to come out, Fest is the coolest rock party I’ve been to. We also have our first full length record coming out on Paper and Plastick produced by John Collura (ex. The Ataris). The record is going to be a gigantic leap in a forward direction for us . It will be released this Winter. 

rocknyc: You guys seem to have a pretty great sense of humor, which shines through in the “Bedtime” vid- what keeps all of you entertained?

Donny: We think we are the funniest people alive. Which is possibly maybe probably the farthest thing from the truth. It can be counterproductive at times. All that giggling really sucks business time up. But you are definitely right. We try to bring back the “party” to rock and roll and if you ask around, you’ll find out that we get the biggest kick out of taking it too far. 

rocknyc: Favorite films and authors?  Do you draw inspiration from any of them?

Donny: Slim pickings here. We’re usually working like dogs when we’re home . I know on the last tour Joey was hip on Russian Novelists. 

rocknyc: Each of you describe yourself in three adjectives.

Joe – carefree, calm, talented

Jon – friendly, excessive, fun

Don – stressed, caring, broke 

rocknyc: What is one song or album in your music library that’s a bit embarrassing or unexpected?

Donny: Jon has a lot of old school gangster rap which I find both hilarious and unexpected. Joey should be embarrassed with his Pearl Jam discography, and those two guys make fun of me for almost everything . Which includes Chevelle, Filter and The Spice Girls. 

These guys have definitely taken a thousand steps in the right direction, putting them where they are now.  Their immense talent and penchant for silliness has allowed them to wiggle themselves into quite a few hearts, including ours here at RockNYC. 

Be sure to pick up their repressed 7” of Viva! Because you definitely won’t regret it- it’s freakin’ brilliant.

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