Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins Loses Appeal for "Too Harsh Punishment" on Pedophile Charges

By Helen Bach | July 27, 2014

No one likes a baby abuser but lets face it, it happens. There are levels of ‘social taboo’ and this is pretty high up on the list. There should be more focus placed on the mothers or fathers of these children who basically sacrificed them to a B grade musician

Lostprophets Members Speak Up About Ian Watkins

By admin | May 29, 2014

To think that somebody I grew up with, who I had been friends with my entire life, whose mother I knew, and how close our families were — to even imagine him… I find it utterly unbelievable that he was capable of doing those things.”

Why Did Peaches Geldof Have To Delete Her Tweet?

By Helen Bach | December 3, 2013

The only rational is to protect the babies. The babies least concern is that their identity be revealed. Their names can be changed if need be their mothers killed by fire perhaps. Other than that any sort of protection of women as mentally deficient as to offer their children to a ‘rock star’ is absurd

Ian Watkins, Lost Prophets Lost Soul

By Helen Bach | December 1, 2013

By now you have heard that Lost Prophets front man Ian Watkins plead guilty to a bunch of sex crimes and well, it was a bit of a shock. I mean a stereotypical brain cant sort the thought of a grown man raping an 11 month old. It just doesn’t seem possible but of course it is.

Winner And Loser Week Of 11-25-13: Tom Stoppard And Ian Watkins

By Iman Lababedi | December 1, 2013

Winner – Tom Stoppard – One of the most thrilling musical-theatrical experiences of the year has been the great Czech-English Playwright’s comedy about moral ethics inspired by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, Darkside.