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special announcement regarding 2012 Coachella, Today!

Coachella 2011 has just ended a few weeks ago and already they want us to think about 2012! An email has been sent, facebook and twitter are all on fire,… there will be a special announcement regarding the upcoming festival, today at 10 am PDT! Hhhhaaaa why the suspense?

A lot of speculations are possible of course, so let's start the rumors:

Some very early ticket sales?
An extension of the festival to 4 days?
Coachella is moving to another location?
The 2012 line-up? It could not be that early!
Or, horror, the end of Coachella?

I know it’s trendy to announce the end of the world these days, and this would certainly be the end of the world for the festival-goers.  But they sure have spoiled hipsters’ Memorial day weekend with all that unbearable suspense.

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