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Singles Going Steady Week Of September 29th, 2014

everything but the girl

everything but the girl

1. Under The Tide – Chvrches – Electronic pop group follow up their big break through with more is less of the same, the rhythm shudders a lot, and where’s the chick singer? – C+

2. LA LA Love (la la) – Fergie – The grand return of a Black Pea finds her willing to go as hard pop as humanly possible. The title says it all – B

3. Yellow Flicker Beater – Lorde – Right now this second, pop music is chasing Lorde and not catching up. This is as of the moment as anything in contemporary pop, maybe more – A

4. Heartbraker – Daniel Wilson – Piano pop – B

5. Something In The Water – Carrie Underwood – I’ve heard through the grapevine is a very nice girl, so she is a very nice girl with an irritating voice and a penchant for overweened country rock – C-

6. Weekend – Verite – “We can make love on the weekend” the gir intones to a lotta beat chatter – B

7. Till It’s Gone – Yelawolf – Wow, three years between albums? Even Slim Shady doesn’t remember you. This is very Shady Jr – B-

8. 11 – Hitchhiker – This is very South African electronica via K-Pop and reminds you that when K-Pop can get your attention, it can be very very good , and quite catchy – A-

9. I Feel Everything – Waters – Anthem rocker – C+

10. Personal – Jessie J – R&B ballad – B

11. Bumpin’ The Night – Florida cruise Line – Their best since the break through, this is the quintessential bro song and after this there is nowhere left to go. Right now I love it, a month from now I’ll wanna kill em – B

12. Kidnap Me – CRUSIR – If this dropping vowels stuff doesn’t end soon I’m gonna blame some people in this room, and then I don’t forgive – B-

13. That’s What I Do – Classified – And this Canadian rapper has been doing in for knocking on 20 years, why explains why this is good and maybe why it sounds like Drake – B+

14. Shake It Off – Us The Duo – Husband and wife team completely kill it here, a really lovely take on Tay’s treasure – A

15. James Dean – Dale Earnhardt jr Jr – – Lo key beauty – B

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