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Sam Smith has Started Work On His Second Album

Second album on his mind

Second album on his mind

Hey pop pickers, exciting news. Sam Smith is already at work on his next (sophomore –ooooh!) album and after telling Gigwise that his music will be a documentary of his life, here comes news that he is not going to make us wait four years between albums.

Smith told Digital Spy “I did my first writing session a few weeks ago. I feel like I’ve already got a possible song, which I love. I’ve got a title, which I think I love. I think I will always be so scared on not doing this as a career, so the thought of just sitting back and enjoying the ride, and then late next year someone going, ‘Right, now we need to do a second album,’ and me not knowing what the fuck to do… I couldn’t do that.”

This is very thrilling stuff as far as I’m concerned and I can’t wait to see if he can pull off a second album as drastically brilliant as his first. Smith and FKA twig, both UK stars by the way, are the sound of 2014 and the sound of 2014 is melancholia mixed with desire. It uses EDM but it isn’t EDM, and if its roots are in soul that is only at the deepest level.

One more thing, I am gonna see him at the United Palace in September and I couldn’t be much more excited.

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