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Sam Smith Goes Platinum

Platinum Brunette

Platinum Brunette

All year long I raved about Sam Smith incessantly and then I saw him live, a full show at United Palace and a mini set at Jingle Ball, and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Maybe it isn’t fair, the kid is just in his 20s and his voice, a gorgeous and lubricated thing which seems capable of caressing any melody till its putty in his hands is just as strong and sweet in person, but he hs zero stage presence.

This is a real problem, the man fidgets on stage, he wanders around aimlessly, he seems like a man of time. He doesn’t know what he wants to be but he knows he doesn’t want to project sexuality. And don’t tell me it is because he’s gay, that he wants to remain neutral, because if Adam Lambert, not half the talent Smith is, can project a sexuality that croses all genders, and also, perhaps more importantly, embrace an audience without inhibitions or weirdness, why can’t Sam at least be normal?

Being at ease on stage, or even tense on stage, isn’t easy but it can be done except Sam can’t do it and it is a huge problem.

A huge problem that doesn’t dwarf Sam having sold a million copies (platinum!) of In The Lonely Hour, to go along with his (gasp) six grammy nominations. One of only three albums to reach the plateau in 2014, but what can he do with it if he can’t project it on stage?

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